Take-Two Prepares Double Slate of 'Immersive Core Releases' in the Next Three Years

Take-Two is preparing to dramatically increase its game output in the coming years, especially when it comes to the biggest "core" titles that set the tone for its portfolio.

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brewin598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

Seriously hoping that "Core Releases" means more than more Online GTA and Red Dead BS. I really missed having extra story expansions in GTA. Especially considering how good they were in GTA 4. Those were each basically their own game. The online stuff started out cool, but then it just got hijacked by punks and a bunch of kids who ruined the experience. Id rather have remakes of Vice City and San Andreas than more GTA online.

Also, maybe we finally get that Bully sequel?! That would be amazing. There is so much great IP they hold that is dormant. Theyve just been focused on wringing every possible dollar from these online services that it feels like they had forgotten about what put them at the top!