Gamespot's poll more than 80,000 on PS3

Yes, I got mine on launch day = 1.93% 1615
Yes, after the launch day = 6.66% 5579
No, it hasn't launched here yet = 4.93% 4129
No, and I won't until it's under $400 = 42.04% 35224
No, I just don't want one = 44.44% 37234


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omfg_1114901d ago

and now?
Does it mean, nobody want a ps3?

fine, thousand of people dont want a ps3... im sure mrMART voted not only twice ...

DR GRIM4901d ago

no it Does not mean, nobody want a ps3 its only 360 fanboy that

TheMART4901d ago

Just for your info, I didn't even vote once.

But I guess fanboys will say anything to continue their denial of the truth. 80.000 votes is something you can't get around. It's very reliable because of the high number of people that joined. If it were only 100 people it's a different thing.

This is very, very credible. So 86% won't buy one and from that 42% won't buy one before it's under 400... That's a long time from now. In the mean time, more and more gamers will step in with 360 because they see it's the best gaming experience. This is just good news for the 360 and the Wii also

nanometric4901d ago

There is definetly some 30% of 360 fanboy votes

TheMART4901d ago

Be real...

That's in your crystal ball or did you do research?

Reality are those numbers mate, the rest is your own opinion.

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Anerythristic264901d ago

If those are all 360 fans out voting PS fans like 30 to 1 , then the 360 must be really hot.

Welcome to Ignoresville my friend , 2 new residents today you and SimmoUK.

Booneral4901d ago

Well 360 fanboy or not, that poll clarifies which console is more popular. If people with 360 systems have voted against PS3, that also proves something that these people have choosen 360.

As for me, I want a PS3, just for MGS4 that is. I don't want one until PS3 is cheaper and MGS4 is out.

dissectionalrr4901d ago

wow, i knew the public's opinion of the ps3 was low but wow. that is insane. 44% said they didn't want it at all, regardless of price or anything else (atleast that's how i read it). i wonder how much more concrete evidence like this it will take before sony fanboys accept the fact that noone else wants their big black box.

nanometric4901d ago

Everyone THINKS that they don't want a PS3, that doesn't mean they won't buy it!

GaMr-4901d ago

You Know something is good if You hate and before you have even tried it. lol This poll proves nothing but the ignorance of fanboys in there quest to destroy sony. Ok here put it this way. Fanboys on there "Destroy the PS3 crusade" have as much chance as Linux does to over throw windows as the new common in home OS.

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