In Its Third Year, The Epic Games Store Still Lacks Price Matched Bundles

From GameWatcher: "Through a mixture of exclusive titles, free games, and careful curation, the Epic Games Store continues to make a name for itself within the PC space as a potential competitor to Steam. But as it enters its third year, the storefront continues to miss quite a few features that some of its peers have, including price matched bundles.

As the Epic Games Store's library continues to grow, this also means that its users have access to various DLC or special editions that bundle together content. The lack of price-matched bundles means that, should you opt for one such package, the storefront won't take into account the items you already own and charge you full price."

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locomorales56d ago

If you think Epic's store is bad, you should see PlayStation Store. Months ago it didn't have a simple filter.

Father__Merrin56d ago

This article is a usual goal post moving write up. They've basically picked a feature steam has then said epic hasn't done it.

If next week bundle discounts are added then this author will move onto another feature and make an article that epic doesn't have this and so on and so forth