Blizzard president J. Allen Brack is leaving the company, Activision Blizzard just announced

"I am pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra have been appointed co-leaders of Blizzard. Jen and Mike will share responsibility for development and operational accountability for the company. Both are leaders of great character and integrity and are deeply committed to ensuring our workplace is the most inspired, welcoming environment for creative excellence and to upholding our highest game development standards.

With Jen and Mike assuming their new roles, J. Allen Brack is leaving the company to pursue new opportunities."

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bacano53d ago

Yeah... Good luck pursuing new... opportunities

djl348552d ago

He was there for 15 years, making 300k/year along with million in bonuses and stock options.

He'll be fine without new opportunities.

ActualWhiteMan53d ago

Now Bobby Cockdick needs to go.

Mikeyy53d ago

Fine with me, Blizzards product quality took a nosedive when this guy took over. I mean It can't get any worse right? Right??

staticall53d ago

I think it can. That Jen Oneal only joined company in january of this year and Mike Ybarra in 2019.

Jennifer says she got promoted from Associate Producer to a studio head, but i can't find any info about her on the Vicarious Visions official website. And her LinkedIn only has that one article about the merger.

Mike, on the other hand, was working at Xbox, as far as i know, but he's more of a tech guy.

Personally, i don't except any improvements in the long run. At first, they'll probably be all about «fighting harassement», «empowering women» and «listening to their colleagues» to calm people down. But that will not affect their games in any good way i think, everything will still be meh, as their recent games.

XiNatsuDragnel53d ago

Bobby coconut needs to be next right?