Call of Duty: Warzone Fans Furious With Ultra Operator Skin's In-Game Appearance

Call of Duty: Warzone fans discover issues with the new Ultra Operator Skin as the advertised appearance does not match in-game graphics.

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melons56d ago

COD doing something shady? No way

Ninver56d ago

People still play this turd? What a waste. There are far more engaging games out there waiting to be played. God help humanity!

execution1756d ago

I just stopped playing because of coming across aimbots or wall hacks pretty much every game

sourOG56d ago

It’s like buying something on Amazon and getting pissed when you find out it’s cheap China plastic trash lol.

quenomamen55d ago

COD players are like trailer park wives, no matter how bad they get treated they keep coming back talkin bout “ But I love him “ Sweetie he kicked ur teeth in and banged yo aunt, “ But I loves him ! “

lnfiniteLoop55d ago

weapon dismemberment effects are crap as well most of the time you cannot even see what effect they did... DLC is a scam...

The7Reaper55d ago

Good, if you buy skins in a first person game you deserved to be ripped off.

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