Are We Moving Towards a "Portable Console" Era of Video Games?

KeenGamer: "Portability seems to be an ongoing topic in gaming today. Is this the future, or is it a trend? Valve, Nintendo, and Microsoft are playing significant roles in bringing the excitement of gaming anywhere you go. With Valve's Steam Deck, Nintendo's latest OLED Switch, and Microsoft's Cloud, portable console gaming is here."

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Sonic-and-Crash49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

agree...not at all ....has anyone of them played an HD visuals game on portable (Switch)? ....the thing cant be played and is not enjoyable miss ton of graphical work and it fatigues you very quick ....

TV console gaming is the only way to fully enjoy high end games

SickSinceSix49d ago

Try PC gaming on an ultrawide monitor then repeat that last sentence again

49d ago
Rbeasley12349d ago

Why wouldn't you want the utility of going on the road? I agree if it's ONLY handheld, but I can see a time when all future console releases are able to switch between big screen TVs and portable, the Steam Deck is proving the tech is finally able to produce console quality gaming in a handheld form factor.

Chriswheeler2248d ago

With a minimum of 30 fps and 720p though no?

roadkillers49d ago

There's a big open market for everything. No Mobile game is selling 150 million units like GTA. It is on Xcloud, but that's imo best played on a big screen.

dumahim49d ago

If I'm not at home, it's for a reason and that reason usually has my attention occupied so I can't play games on the go. I that's true for most people.

JustTheFax49d ago

Exactly, if I am not home, I am driving my car. I don't have a chance to do gaming on the go. I guess it's cool if you take the subway or bus, or if mom & dad drive you around everywhere.

SickSinceSix49d ago

Or business trips where you stay at a hotel

Inverno49d ago

I hope so. I'd like to see portable gaming getting better and better and I think the Steam Deck might just be that push. I don't think it'll replace stationary hardware, but I personally like not having to turn on a TV and being able to move around and just take my games with me.

Rude-ro49d ago

Handhelds are your wallet size gaming on go…
Not the way to game.
That would set back gaming 10 years as developers made the games work on such small devices.
They are welcomed, they just are not the direction gaming should take.
I very much doubt steam will see any large growth due to these and Nintendo is dead quiet with software movement compared to all other competition.

Inverno49d ago

I don't want them to take over I just want the option to improve tech wise. With the Deck the tech is trying to catch up with the games rather than having to scale games so down for tech that's obviously not powerful enough to handle it.

Rbeasley12349d ago

I don't think a future handheld console future would be "exclusively" handheld gaming but a "switch" option. Why wouldn't you want that utility? If you could get console/PC level power in a small handheld form factor, why not? If you want it stationary just plug it into a TV and leave it stationary lol, I don't see why the Steam Deck isn't definitely the way of the future

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The story is too old to be commented.