World of Warcraft Will Endure This ‘Perfect Storm’

The lawsuit against Activision Blizzard along with the real-life protests that followed and the insider interviews reveal a pretty abhorrent situation at the company.
That story broke less than two weeks ago in late July.
You know what happened this past weekend? The 14th annual Arena World Championships.

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Snookies1247d ago

Probably, but do they actually deserve to endure it? That's the real question here.

Indigon47d ago

Exactly. That is the right question. Now I know what happened it tainted the sweet memories I had playing the game.

Jiub46d ago

Apparently Blizz president is out now. I wonder if that's a "someone's gotta jump on the grenade move" or if he sees a mess coming and is running for the hills.

Mulletino46d ago

If I’m an older experienced talent who just wants to be amazing at my job and keep my head down, I’m leaving blizzard quickly.

Tapani46d ago

The game was always shallow, but fun. The story is lackluster compared to FFXIV, and the raids etc. are way beyond WOW as well. Music and writing are not even in the same ballpark. And this is coming from a person who played WOW a couple of years, including the four first expansions. The lich king expansion was good, but after that the game went downhill. WoW had some cool locations and gameplay was interesting sometimes, but I can’t wait to get back to the city to continue Heavensward story! Gotto relax at the summer cabin in the mountains a couple of days with the wife before that.