The Wayward Realms Announced by Former Elder Scrolls Developers

The lead developers behind Elder Scrolls I and II, are trying to recreate past glories for a new generation of RPG players in The Wayward Realms.

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sourOG84d ago

All of these devs going to start their own shit. I love to see it.

Darkborn84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

They'll all be bought up by tencent or embracer group eventually though

sourOG84d ago

Lol true enough. I’d rather Sony or Microsoft buy them than tencent.

fitofficial84d ago

Good. Keep it simple. "AAA" is an overrated blight on humanity.

Andrew33684d ago

What's even the point of announcing this. Probably years away.

ProLogY84d ago

Awesome! Good luck to the dev team, we could use more good single player fantasy role playing games