Hands-on: Nintendo Switch OLED model - a great upgrade - Gaming Boulevard

Gaming Boulevard wrote a hands-on article about the Switch OLED model explaining why it’s a great upgrade.

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bloodyspasm56d ago

Nice! Won't upgrade mine yet, but if it ever breaks down at least I have a new and improved model to consider

FallenAngel198456d ago

This really should’ve just been the new base model

waverider55d ago

Nintendo can do anything and still get a free pass from the press... The switch already is overpriced ancient tech and now its even more expensive.... «Huge step forward».... people that write this...

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Seraphim55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Value is subjective, though, I'd argue it's worth $300. Sure it's not the most powerful and is lacking in performance and power but it's still a nice machine and has some great games. While I don't use mine much I'm glad I have one for those games I can't get on PS like Monster Hunter Stories 2, MH Rise, Xenoblade 1 and 2, Mario & other 3rd and 1st party IPs. However, it definitely needs a performance upgrade more than it does just an upgraded panel to OLED. 2 cents

waverider55d ago

it doenst got oled from launch because Nintendo wanted to have even more profit. Games wise, it got many for their games, but this isnt want he is talking. This console isnt worht 350 or 300 or 250. This should be already at 199... this was launched at 2017 and already got outdated tech. Nintendo is the only company that got profit from hardware since day one!

curtain_swoosh55d ago

because they dont get free stuff if they dont.
my mate worked for a gaming website and everything nintendo related had to be positive.
reviews had to be atleast a 6 or up.
shady business. but you know.

EvertonFC55d ago

Didn't read past the title tbh, "great upgrade" what a OLED screen followed by basic features which should of been there day1 on the original? It's 2021 ffs

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The story is too old to be commented.