Hands-On: Nintendo Switch OLED is a striking improvement for portable players | VGC

From VGC: "Much – ok, most – of the talk around Nintendo’s OLED Switch revision has been around the features it doesn’t have, thanks to several incorrect reports building expectation for 4K resolution and under-the-hood power boosts.

Once you get the device in your hands, however, much of that disappointment fades away, and OLED feels like a striking improvement compared to the original Switch model – as long as you like playing in portable mode, that is."

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ScootaKuH50d ago

Vita was there first 😎

TheRealTedCruz50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

And then switched to a cheaper LCD when it failed, and Sony was giving up on it.

ScootaKuH50d ago

Quite right. I still haven't forgiven Sony. They let down the Vita badly.

I still have my OLED launch model


Most underrated handheld of all time. Absolutely incredible device, could still compete with the switch in terms of graphics and games if it came out today. Somehow the media complained that Sony didn’t support it from the beginning (there were tons of amazing first party games) and people just bought the negative hype somehow. Uncharted, Resistance, Teraway, Gravity Rush, All Stars, Killzone, full console ports of Ninja Gaiden, the thing was a beast and I’ll never get over how much people took it for granted. Love my vita.

ScootaKuH50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Yeah I still rank it as one of the best handheld ever. I still have my launch OLED version complete with box and case. It had some fantastic games, in addition to those you mentioned my favourites were freedom wars and soul sacrifice delta.

Sony let it down big time with their terrible support.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Eh. Sony really did put it out to pasture to die. All the games you mentioned came out just within the first few years of the system.

It didn't instantly take off, so Sony stopped supporting it. Then many of the major publishers stopped giving it much mind, and it became mostly a jrpg machine, and used for emulation.

Expensive proprietary storage, and the lack of big exclusives really is the reason this thing died.
I, to this day, enjoy this thing; but it doesn't have a laundry list of great games. Not enough to really justify its purchase, especially for the prices you see it for today.

Even as an emulation machine, which many bought it for after the fact, is going to be made highly obsolete by the Steam Deck when it arrives.



Yeah but I think the lack of support from consumers came long before Sony stopped supporting it. That’s where I think people are wrong. Everyone says Sony didn’t support it but they did until it flopped, it’s consumers fault they never gave it a chance. It launched with tremendous Sony support and amazing exclusives.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Look at it in this light.
The 3DS came out around the same time as the Vita.
Neither did well when they first came out. What Nintendo did was highly cut the price of the system, as well as doubled down on exclusive content.
Sony didn't do this. They cut the price of the system a bit, and then simply removed the OLED screen to cut costs. They didn't even try to push more 1st party content after the first couple of years, or lower the cost of their own proprietary storage, which was a huge issue people had with the Vita.

It's a great system, but Sony handled it very poorly. The PSP sold several times the amount, and it didn't do the things I'm pushing on the Vita.

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Master of Unlocking48d ago

Still looks like a cheap plastic toy compared to the Steam Deck though. And way less powerful. At the same-ish price... I know what I'd get if I were a handheld console gamer. Plus I bet you can emulate Zelda BOTW & stuff on the deck.