Nintendo Switch OLED Hands On – Is it all about the new screen? | TheSixthAxis

TSA writes: Here is a device that keeps the core of the console exactly the same – the chipset, the screen resolution, the Joy-Con – but Nintendo has looked at other ways to improve the experience of playing on their console.

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waverider48d ago

It all about milking even more money with ancient tech

Jin_Sakai48d ago

I’ll pass. It does absolutely nothing for those who play in docked mode. The OLED display is nice though.

mkis00748d ago (Edited 48d ago )

If not for the steam deck I probably would have gotten this, just to upgrade. Can't justify both. I have the base original model for when I need to play a switch game. It helps I dont usually play portably. ( I buy new tech just to have it.)

2moda5gamer48d ago

Watch them discontinue the original switch in a year.

Jin_Sakai48d ago

I read somewhere they will phase out the OG Switch in favor of the OLED model next year.