When Will Sony Release PS5 Limited Edition Bundles, Slim and Pro Version Consoles?

PSU Writes: We dive into the history of limited edition bundles, slim and pro version consoles of the PS4 and speculate when Sony will do the same with the PS5.

waverider848d ago

It will take time. They are having supply problems. So maybe by 2023. I think 2022 will be another year still with many problems...

Sonic-and-Crash848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

if they release a limited edition with Astrobot/ASOBI theme coloration ...i will literally buy 2 (no matter if i already have one) lol

waverider847d ago

Astrobot is very cool game and even more for all gamers that played all PS consoles. I try to collect all the stuff.

darthv72847d ago

They could just release themed plates.

1Victor847d ago

Really the system is not even a year old with severely shortage and this entitled writer want a slim or special edition 🤦🏿

Army_of_Darkness847d ago

Sony has been releasing a limited edition ps5 since launch! What is this author whining about?!

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MadLad847d ago

I work in the semiconductor industry.
You're going to be waiting a good while before supply meets demand.

And that's just in the personal electronics area.

Agent75847d ago

Semiconductors for toasters?

MadLad847d ago


Mainly for vehicles but .... ok?

DarXyde846d ago

Technically... Every PS5 is limited edition at the moment. 😃

darthv72847d ago

GoW pro is one of my favorites. If they made a themed ps5, fully customized with etched side plates, yeah Id buy that.

The ragnarok logo fully cut out so when the system is on, the lighting shines through (even in standby) would be sweet.

hiawa23847d ago

Why not just release themed plates?

CptDville846d ago

I think this will probably be the "new limited edition consoles" form for PS5. Maybe we will still get "normal" limited edition, but my guess is that the removable plates were specifically created for this.

ocelot07847d ago

I can see them maybe releasing limited edition plates rather than consoles and release a limited edition controllers as well.

metalhead847d ago

Let’s just have the current model meet demand first before we start talking about this. Also I kind of like having something that looks straight out of Star Trek Next Gen in my house :D