Wii Are Going Crazy

GamesAreEvil can't believe that a Wii can be found at almost any Walmart due to...

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bgrundman3602d ago

Thousands of wii's all of a sudden? Where are they getting them all and why doesn't any other retailers have some?

CrAppleton3602d ago

Because Walmart has sold their soul to the devil

bgrundman3602d ago

I didn't realize that Nintendo was the devil...

Bob Dole3602d ago

Walmart is the devil. They sold their soul to themselves and slashed the price so no one else could sell theirs for nearly as cheap.

bunbun7773602d ago

the devil for he comes as an angel of light..."

And by light---I mean low low prices baby! I love to hate Wal-Mart- but they have this 100% apple cherry juice that is the bomb for like 2.27!

xenogamer3602d ago

hhhmmm ::writes down:: pick up some apple cherry juice later at walmart!

lokiroo4203602d ago

I hope everyone that hordes wii's to later sell to desperate people at an inflated price crash and die on their way home, there should be a single unit limit on wii's since they are in such demand.

Danja3602d ago

Now we know who bought all those Wii's on Black Friday

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roblef3602d ago

Wii got ours at Target about 2 months ago in anticipation of a shortage again this year. Glad to know people will be able to get these babies!

bgrundman3602d ago

that is until they sell out too. I don't see them lasting too long.

CrAppleton3602d ago

Yeah.. I have a ton of friends who want one.. good to know they can get one now.. maybe now I'll add to my friend code list

roblef3602d ago

I think this is awesome. Wii FTW!

CrAppleton3602d ago

LOL.. pretty sure they already won

pupu3602d ago

Xbox Wii60 to beat PS3rd place CONFIRMED!

bgrundman3602d ago

Wii has ran the table and taken everything this console generation. It proves that innovation is stronger that the most powerful graphics card and processor.

CrAppleton3602d ago

lol.. interesting way to look at it

bunbun7773602d ago

If by innovation you mean marketing to children and old people with mealy mouth games that celebrate not the cutting edge but the fun in playing.... and even that "fun" part is debatable....

Then yes they are truly innovators.

bunbun7773602d ago

seems some Nin-heads are in the hizzy-

Why the heck don't Wii fans come on here anyways? Probably because the rabid fan-dogs would tear em up?

When's Mad World coming out?

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JimmyJames703602d ago

Hmm, a Wii, maybe when my babies get older, but by then the Xbox will be a Wii clone except with Xbox Live. You don't think so? Just wait.

CrAppleton3602d ago

Yeah.. true.. speaking of.. I can't wait until my babies are old enough to play video games!

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The story is too old to be commented.