5 Gaming Companies in Need of a Redemption Story

These 5 gaming companies are in need of a redemption story. But do they even deserve it? Let's discuss.

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BrainSyphoned56d ago

;) OK that was worth clicking on for the sneaky take all of N4G will love ;D

Sonic-and-Crash56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

i agree about ND ...that Druckmann guy completely ruined some of the best PS3 games ....(to be honest i was never that huge fan of LoUS1 but i can recognise its strenghts and why its was a well made game)

LoUS2 i dont care if it is a good game in gameplay and visal terms(which in fact it is) ...story and potential wise ( he had available to build a masterpiece) completely destroyed the thing ..... could have gone so much well ...if i was Sony the guy would have been fired in miliseconds

-Foxtrot56d ago

What people forget about TLOU2 aswell is they lied within their marketing, they literally showed Joel in some scenes but the final version it's actually Jesse. Neil went on for years stating it was a Joel and Ellie story, how it would focus on their relationship, that they cared about these characters, there was plenty of story to tell and so on but you saw he lied because he wanted to sell as many copies as he could. If he was just honest from the start not as many people would have been annoyed. It's the same thing which has happened with Masters of the Universe Revelations, Kevin Smith lied and also lied within their marketing. There's no "bu bu but" excuses with's fact, they lied plain and simple. There's lying to keep some things a surprise, take the Avengers Infinity War trailers for example and then lying because you know your real product will p*** people off and they won't buy it day one.

KingofBandits55d ago

ND went from one of my favorite devs to a company I'm not even excited for. Jason Rubin and Evan Wells made a much better team then what they have now and to me the biggest mistake will always be letting Amy Hennig go in favor of Druckman taking a more front and center role. ND games are beautiful and they clearly have talented artists but druckman is a pandering hack whos political views skew obviously too far to one side. Until hes gone I'm done with ND.
Though EA is also in need of a redemption arc as is Activision, though the only thing Betheda needs to do is stop putting out such buggy games/engines.

lelo2play55d ago

Surprised Bethesda are on the list. Skyrim, Fallout 3 and 4 are great games.

neutralgamer199255d ago

Skyrim yes

Fallout 3 ok I had fun but still wouldn't call it great since new Vegas showed what a great FO game could look like(but give credit to Bethesda since they built the base for obsidian to take over and develop the game in 18 or so months)

Fallout 4 isn't a good fallout game especially after FO3/FO:NV(in my opinion)

With starfield they have a lot to prove

Darkborn56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I agree with everything including naughty dog. I never finished the last of us part 2 because my soul hurts to play it. It seems like everyone that enjoyed it never played the first one, is a journalist and doesn't play games for fun, somehow liked it or played the first game for the first time right before the second game came out. The last of us's story was special to me and the charactors were cherished in my eyes. To go about it the way they did ruined the enjoyment for me. The combat itself is insanely good, the animations and lighting and music/ sounds are top notch, above any other tier of studios, I just can't force myself to try it again.

Of course EA dug up a sarlac pit and buried their IP into it, including Anthem, that wasn't mentioned here, as well as dragon age, where inquisition was weak, and the first battlefront was only online and had no single player story as well. It also seems a lot of people forgot that a couple years ago Bioware also said dragon age 4 was coming along nicely and was "anthem with dragons". I'm sure that game got competely rebooted by now too.

Activision, ubisoft and Bethesda needs a kick in thier ass. Bethesda has fallen and now I only like their side tier studios game alike arkane and stuff instead of Bethesda themselves. And what the hell happened to that awesome trailer we got for prey 2 way back? It just works.

derek56d ago

@dark, I played the original when it came out and liked the 2nd even more. I refuse to be emotionally connected to a videogame sorry, and I really liked the 1st. Last of us 2 is an excellently crafted game, even if you don't like the story you should appreciate the work put into it.

Zhipp56d ago

The Last of Us is the type of game where I don't understand how you can even enjoy it at all if you don't connect with it emotionally. So much of the games' impact is dependent on how you feel about the characters and their actions. This applies to both games.

AlexMuncatchy56d ago

". I refuse to be emotionally connected to a videogame story"


ElvisHuxley56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I disagree that CDPR does (heresy, I know, we're all supposed to not only hate CP2077, but feel it is our duty to destroy the company, sorry, I liked the game...a lot, and a rushed last gen version I've never played, something that was most likely out of the hands of the developers, is not going to make me hate them). Disagree with ND too, even though I didn't much like TLOU2, especially compared to the first, but it sold like hotcakes, so clearly a ton of people did. Also, my only criticism with the game was the story and characters, which is paramount for me with regard to the series, but realistically speaking, it's really only one part of the game, and they are absolute wizards at every technical aspect, as well as visual art direction, constantly pushing the envelope. The others I agree with, but they're either corporate juggernauts, or part of a corporate juggernaut, so I won't hold my breath. First thing that came to mind when I saw the title, is Bioware.

Darkborn56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Cyberpunk was more than a fail for the buggy port, multiple things, like a lot of stuff was cut out to facilitate the last Gen ports. They cut content and you paid full price for a lesser game. It's much further than just a lie or how they said all versions ran fine when it had more bugs than fallout 76. If you watch the first few videos and see some early journalist previews, a lot of the stuff they saw and experienced never was put in the final version of the game or flat out removed.

ElvisHuxley56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Yeah, but that assumes it achieves failure as a result of a tiny minority of hype chasers being disappointed. I didn't follow the leadup to the game at all, so i had no expectations apart from the fact that I loved Witcher 3. It's obviously a very ambitious game, and it's damn good too, the writing, visuals, and art direction are great. So they didn't live up to their lofty gameplay mechanic expectations? This might be a problem for me if it wasn't such a phenomenal game. I've never played the last gen version or the pre-2021 PC version, so I'm happy to accept that these were broken games, but the version that I played was not only anything but broken, but it was an amazing game.

justadelusion56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

your standards can be low, thats fine, but yes CP2077 was TERRIBLE and not just because of bugs. the game is a joke in almost every department. i think the devs need to share the responsibility as well instead of a lot of ppl 'well it was the shareholders ONLY'

ElvisHuxley56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

"*beep* *boop* "

Flawlessmic56d ago

I still dont get the naughty dog hate, i mean its obvious its was gonna be ellies story and that it was gonna be a revenge story. The only person we would care about dying was joel so i was always under the impression that was going to happen to set us off on our quest.

Yes agreed trying to force my sympathy with abby and making me play half the game with here wasnt the best and i didnt like it either but all that considered still a brillant game.

Not sure why everyone was so shocked joel died. It was a fevenage story for ellie, who the hell else did u think was gonna die for us to care enough to go on a revenge quest

Godmars29056d ago

No, it was a buddy/father-daughter story. Now, as unlikely as it may sound, Addy will wind up taking the place of Joel when she and Ellie are forced - literally - to work together.

sourOG56d ago

I disagree with naughty dog and activision. The rest I agree.

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