KOS-MOS Should be the Last Smash Bros. DLC Character

KOS-MOS should be the last DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for a myriad of reasons.

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FallenAngel198453d ago

We just had a Namco character released, and another Xeno character before him

Let’s try for some variety and go for a different kind of character

MasterChief362453d ago

Xenosaga is completely different from Xenoblade, and KOS-MOS is not a guy. You need to do more research.

FallenAngel198452d ago

@ Master

1.) I’m aware but it’s still part of the thematic Xeno series, which has three different publishers
2.) By him I was referring to Kazuya not KOS-MOS. Get better reading comprehension

Knightofelemia53d ago

I want a Xenosaga Trilogy remaster