The Top 5 Video Games Arriving in August 2021

COG says: August 2021 brings some incredible game releases on all platforms, so sit back, relax and enjoy our monthly feature of the best 5 video games arriving this month.

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Gaming4Life198153d ago

Im getting aliens fireteam elite, Psychonauts 2 and hades. I own hades on my switch but its free and just a great games.

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phoenixwing53d ago

kings bounty 2, baldo, ghost tsushima directors cut dlc and psychonauts 2 for me

spwittbold53d ago

No mention of Kenna Bridge of Spirits, big sad.
Getting Kena, Ghost of Tshusima Director's PS5, and ....maybe psychonaughts 2.

Gaming4Life198153d ago

Kena is delayed until september

ZeekQuattro53d ago

No More Heroes III for me. It's been a long time coming.