Mark Cerny approves of this drive for PS5 SSD storage expansion

Mark Cerny says he plans to use a WD_Black SN850 SSD in his PlayStation 5 to expand storage.

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waverider54d ago

Cerny choice will be the choice for many! Hail Cerny.

darthv7254d ago

Sony could use this as an endorsement or official seal of approval.

Parasyte53d ago

"Kid tested. Cerny Approved."

LordoftheCritics53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Those WD drives are fantastic. Keep running out of stock tho. That was before the PS5 test.

Its gonna be wild now. Whoever is reading this, grab em quick.

QSPR52d ago


That's what I did. I got one from Newegg.


I've been having the same drive for months, minus the heatsink which came in today. I KNEW the wd sn850 would be a excellent drive.

Smok9153d ago

Tech specs speak for themselves lol

anubusgold53d ago

I had the samsung 7k read speed drive for months now but my regular ssds work fine for games and i didnt even install it yet. 15 seconds pc restart times are fine enough. Maybe i will install the drive at some point havent had a reason yet.

UnSelf53d ago

Sb: for the first time in my gaming life (30+ years), I am experiencing drift with my controller. My dual sense of all things.

Anyone knows if you can ship them to Sony and if they fix them for free?

isarai53d ago

Go to Playstation site and go through support. I've shipped my launch PS3 and a DS4 to them, only had to pay shipping on the DS4 to get it to them, was like $5, everything else was free. And your controller has a seperate warranty from your console, so it's covered by itself.

REDGUM53d ago

There is a mandatory 12 month warranty on just about anything these days from the date of purchase. Here in Australia the A.C.C.C. would essentially force the hand of the manufacturer to replace the item at fault.
Note, I'm not aiming this at Sony at all, I'm just offering a suggestion of support that you can find in, I would think, any country.
I have had replaced 2 budget tv's over my 40+ years as they both failed within a year.

The best of luck no matter the outcome.

Mr Logic53d ago

OT much? Why would you ask this in a random comments section instead of just starting with the manufacturer and the warranty process?

thorstein53d ago

Is it from playing Cyberpunk? That's the game that gave me controller drift. And it appears to have happened to quite a few people.

Phoenix7653d ago

@unself on the back of your controller is the reset button. Use a needle or pin to get to it. I had same issue about 3 weeks after getting my ps5 and that corrected the issue. Hope this helps

Dandizzle52d ago

You also could buy the stick seperately and fix it your self if you don't want to deal with mailing it and getting it fixed at Sony.

ElvisHuxley52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Yeah, you're obviously still under warranty. Drift is a problem I had with PS4 numerous times, but so far so good with PS5. You're incredibly lucky to have never experienced drift in 30 years, it's an annoying and very common issue. Weird that no one has thought of a solution to this problem yet.
@thorstein Wait what? Games can cause drift? How is that even possible? I thought it was a mechanical issue.

UnSelf52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

@thorstein Nah but ive been playing tons of Cold War which is where i noticed it happening.

@Pheonix tried that. Nothing.

@elvis. Yeah since Nintendo and have never ever experienced it. My closest friends go through it all the time but i guess my luck finally ran out.

Thanks everyone. Will ship tomorrow

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badz14953d ago

WD owe Sony big time for this. their sales will be off the charts after this

Smok9153d ago

Wait, what did I miss? Why are people on his dick?

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Gaming4Life198153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Thats all I wanted to hear, ill also get this one if I decide to upgrade my storage. I remember mark cerny saying sony will put out a list of compatible drives. Well we got one officially now.

Parasyte53d ago

I want to say one of the Aorus SSDs was approved too

53d ago
FanboysKiller53d ago

Cause Seagate did it for ms , Cerny said I should try something else , I'm not that stupid to think other brands can't do the same s .

REDGUM53d ago

Personally, why I upgrade, I'd only use a manufacturer's suggestion when upgrading something that goes inside or plugs into it.
I'm NOT saying Seagate wouldn't work or isn't as good, but am saying any potential list of drives to use (in this case/topic) I'd pick from if the manufacturer provided a list.

Seraphim53d ago

I get what you mean except this isn't a manufacturers suggestion. This is the opinion of, the man, the myth, the legend, Mark Cerny himself. It's quite possible Sony never even releases a list of suggested/recommended drives at all. They never have. They only post the requirements for swapping or in this case, adding storage to the PS.


$250 For this SSD is a hard pill to swallow but I'm tired of deleting games so I guess if this drive is good Enough for Mark the it's good enough for me.

StoneyYoshi53d ago

You can get it without a heatsink for $199 right now and buy a heatsink off amazon for $8 saving you about $40 and less than XSX option.

JayRyu53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

How do you know that the heatsink you get for 8 dollars will cool the drive properly? Or will it even fit in the playstation?

There's a reason why Sony is putting an approved list of drives together.

Seraphim53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@JayRyu -

except this isn't some approved list or device from Sony and I doubt they will ever post such a list. They have always just posted requirements for replacing or in this case, requirements for expanded storage. End of the day this is the personal choice of Mark Cerny, not an endorsement by PS. There is a major difference.

However I do agree about fitting or working properly, etc. I'd rather have the drive and heatsink that are known to fit & work bundled together. I'll pay the extra couple bucks for whatever drive w/ heatsink long as they meet the requirements listed by Sony. I don't want to spend the additional time digging into heat sinks and which ones are good, which ones fit, etc. Really at the end of the day what's another $30-ish when you've already dropped $500 on the console and now another $200-250 to expand storage. That being said I rarely play more than one game and 99.8% of the time don't move along until that game is finished so I haven't yet felt the need to upgrade. Plus, I think, almost half of what I've played this year I've Platinumed so there's no reason to go back at this point. Past generations I've overspent on upgrading the hard drive on my PS3 and PS4 so I'll wait until the prices come down. Or once prices come down on 2TB+ if I can hold off that long.