Tales Of Arise Will Be A Standalone Story - No Story DLC or Sequels

The latest installment in the Tales series, Tales of Arise is set to be one of the most beautiful JRPGs we've seen in a while. Now, we've got some more details about the game's plot, courtesy of producer Yusuke Tomizawa.

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SDuck56d ago

huh... like your usual Tales game?

Vits56d ago

Tales as a series has seen direct sequels (Destiny, Symphonia, Xillia). And had also seen games expanding on the story of a previous entry (Beseria and Eternia Online). Story DLC is indeed more rare, but it did happen before with Zestiria and the Alisha's Story.

Teflon0255d ago

What? Lol. Tales of Berseria and Zesteria are directly linked. To the point the Zesteria anime explains some of the prologue to Berseria. Xillia 1 & 2, Symphonia has 2 games lol. I think the 2 that were remade of vita were linked as well though I don't know if that's corrects as we only got hearts r

FallenAngel198456d ago

It’ll be the first standalone title in the series since Tales of Graces

GameBoyColor55d ago

(Until the eventual mobile game)

andy8555d ago

Glad for no story DLC. I play and sell to make gaming super cheap and it frustrates me when they make new story I want to play 😂

justadelusion55d ago

thats good, wish more games went this route