Destiny 2 Beginner's guide for 2021

Are you new to Destiny 2 or a returning player? This Destiny 2 Beginner's guide includes everything you need, including tips, tricks, and essential tools.

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waverider55d ago

Destiny 2? Bungie should start showing stuff for Destiny 3. New races. New moons, new worlds, new powers, NEW guns and arnours...

Parasyte55d ago

They’ve said there isn’t going to be a Destiny 3. They already announced the next two DLCs for Destiny 2; Witch Queen in 2022 and Lightfall in 2023/24

waverider55d ago

For me the game is dead. The lack of content is huge. I cant believe that Bungie is doing this. Graphics are great even comparing with some FPS coming this year, but story wise and content wise they need everything.

Fluke_Skywalker55d ago

I stupidly bought the year pass when the latest expansion came out. Finished the campaign bits and then quickly found myself just doing the same shit I'd done a hundred times all over again. So haven't touched it in ages. Money well spent.