Do You Feel Like a Hero Yet? Spec Ops: The Line Retrospective

Spec Ops: The Line is a military shooter on the surface, but it's actually a psychological horror game dressed up in shooter clothing.

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Abnor_Mal56d ago

A game deserving of a remake.

P_Bomb56d ago

Missed out the first time around but heard good things. Would check out a remake.

Inverno56d ago

Why does this need remake when a remastering and a rerelease would suffice?

Abnor_Mal56d ago

I said remake because I recently looked at the trailers of Vanquish and DMC, and to me they looked muddy and not very clean,

I figured a remake would be a better looking package along with updated control, as I'm sure that like many games of its time the controls might be a bit outdated compared to how smoothly games control today.

I did view those trailer right off tge PS4 store, so maybe that's why they did not look good to me and stopped me from double dipping.

The likihood of the game being remastered is slim, the chance of it being remade is nil, but I'd prefer an almost exact remake, that's all.

annoyedgamer56d ago

Man this game was so based. I still think the ending was a confusing but I like how it wasnt more ra ra murica propaganda.

ZeekQuattro56d ago

Damn fine game. I got into it late so online was basically dead but the single player campaign was awesome and that's all that really mattered to me anyway.