Report: Halo Infinite Battle Royale Audio Clip Discovered in Datamine

With the Halo Infinite Technical Preview still on-going, it seems people are checking it out for more than what the

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excaliburps56d ago

Kinda fed up of BR at this point, but MP is F2P so it should be good regardless.

FinalFantasyFanatic55d ago

I've never liked BR and I just can't get into it, tried Apex, tried Fortnite, tried other games that have had it, I just dislike that mode.

The_Blue55d ago

Let us hope it's surprisingly good!

ElvisHuxley55d ago

Not the least bit interested in BR, but basically everyone I know plays Fortnite or Warzone, so I understand why publishers are chasing after it.

MetroidFREAK2155d ago

I hope so. Would be pretty neat to at least try. Halo will always be an arena game to me first and foremost though even I love battle royale

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