On behalf of PC gaming, sorry about all those cheaters in your console games

Cheating on consoles used to be a rarity, and then crossplay came along.

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demonseye53d ago

I mean it's just Activision's fault. all that money and still no Anticheat. they are just doing manual bans.
and the poor communication. They have been getting better at it, but I mean they went from 0 communication to minimal communication. they are now losing streamers rapidly, some will be switching to other games like apex and new world. battlefield is on the horizon (although they have to prove themselves as well) but if they don't do something fast people will be gone. I only play warzone because of my gaming Bro`s if not for them wouldn't even started playing it.

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Bobertt53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Anti cheat doesn't really work they crack those in like the first month. The hackers are using AI now so unless the publishers start building an AI to counter then it's going to get worse.

Profchaos52d ago

One man's ai is another man's fancy if statement.

shaenoide53d ago

C'mon it's a small family business...

nickanasty20652d ago

I think the craziest thing about this, is how much individuals pay for the cheats, to cheat. Willing to risk malware and everything just to put some night vision goggles on in a F2P game. WTF is wrong with people?

TheDoomedGuy52d ago

You must not now how people create these cheats. Even with anti cheat they find newer ways to implement them.

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aaronaton53d ago

I've started seeing cheater compilation and Top10 videos on Youtube. Surely this is just giving them notoriety, it's not helping the cause at all.

Shiore2u53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Speak for yourself. Some of us want their paywall time online to be an amusing living hell.

Futureshark53d ago

Be nice if console players could only choose other console players to play against, leave PC cheaters to their own playground!

TheGreatGazoo3053d ago

Tons of games you can and I uncheck that box all the time.

slayernz53d ago

stopped playing warzone coz of the pc cheaters....and yes you can turn off crossplay, but you have to sit there for 10-15 minutes to find enough thanks!

demonseye53d ago

I think he means that there should be an option for console only. as far as i know, games only have the option to play with Playstation only and XBOX only. but it would be nice for a console-only lobby. but they probaly dont want that because more people will choose for the console-only option then. now they force people that want to play with their cross console buddy to play in PC lobbies. and well pc lobbies just have more hackers. The worst thing I encounter in console lobbies is the Chronos bullshit which is harder to prove.

ocelot0753d ago

I think the new battlefield has a option where you can include pc players into your search as a option. This for me will be getting turned off. I was going to get the game on pc. But get it for ps5 now so I don't get stuck with the cheaters lol.

Call of duty warzone on PS4/ps5 allows you to turn off crossplay and it works. I don't think it works on Xbox though unfortunately for them.

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