AORUS NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD is PS5 ready

Aorus has announced about their SSD:
PS5 ready
NVMe PCIe 4.0
Read speed 5500
Aluminum dual-sided thermal design

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masterfox57d ago

don't show this to Xbox Series journalist cause their head will explode cause is too scientific for their minds to comprehend, I mean just looks how hard is to plug that thing! :D

isarai57d ago

Everyone is really on the PS5 smear campaign about how "complicated" it is. I've replace batteries on kids toys that require more work than this. Didn't know sliding a piece of plastic and undoing one screw was so hard. Or simply searching "ps5 compatible nvme ssd" really not that hard.

57d ago
darthv7257d ago

FWIW... its two screws. And two plates (one big, one small). Other than that, I agree. Its not that hard.

Outside_ofthe_Box57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It's weird because I was seeing a bunch of articles talking about how complicated and confusing replacing the SSD was on the PS5 and how it proves that XBox got it right.

I eventually started to read a few and saw that the issue they had was knowing which SSD would work on the PS5 and not the actual process of replacing the SSD itself. . .

I was like WE KNEW this from the beginning!!!

We knew that not just any SSD would work on the PS5 and that the PS5 was going to have certain requirements. It's weird that people are acting shocked this ended up being the case.

It's weird how Mark Cerny was open and honest about everything about the PS5 and people either straight up ignored what he said or twisted what he said to fit their narrative.

Vegamyster57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I just Googled several variants of “PS5 SSD hard to install” and nothing came up, just regular guilds so who exactly
Is “everyone”? I know Forbes had something like that last year buts all I saw.

blackblades57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

They been smearing Sony since the beginning ps5. Once people said Sony did it right by letting player have options but now this.

waverider56d ago

They dont have nothing bad to say. So they try to use anything they can. There a lot of money going around. Funny that with the PS4 and changing its hard drive there wasnt any talk like this. Of course some will say but its not plug and play. It is, but its inside the console and the design of the PS5 isnt compromise with something sticking out....

Orchard56d ago

@waverider "Of course some will say but its not plug and play. It is, but its inside the console and the design of the PS5 isnt compromise with something sticking out...."

If you need to power off your console and open it up with a screw driver, it is not plug and play.

Also, the Xbox drive sticks out for about an inch or less... at the rear of the console... it's a much more elegant solution than what Sony are imposing on everyone.

56d ago
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TheColbertinator57d ago

You know I actually agree.

Don't know why any "journalist" is surprised consoles are becoming more like PCs with each generation. Hard drive storage, USB support, firmware updates, upgraded memory and even console mods. At least you don't have to build piece by piece like with PC gaming

Shiore2u57d ago

" At least you don't have to build piece by piece like with PC gaming"
And that's why system integrators exist. They build computers for the smooth brains.

VariantAEC53d ago

Well PCs had to emulate consoles first. Remember?

Oh silly me why would I expect anyone to remember that consoles and arcade cabinets had GPUs first and that the latter pushed 60FPS 3D graphics first as well while consoles could also rarely achieve the lofty graphics experiences of arcade cabinets before PCs were really doing any of the above.
Then of course PS2 ushered in the era of parallel computing on GPUs.
Then PS3 did amazing things with CPU compute, PS4 GPU compute became more popular.

Now we have PS5 pushing boundaries yet again with ultrafast I/O that PCs currently aren't utilizing at all.

DarthMarvin57d ago

You shouldn't use the "J" word, it's insulting to real journalists.

nRicosS57d ago

They need to show this video to Orchard ASAP. He facing difficulty to add SSD to his PS5.
Oops, forgot he don't have any

Darkborn57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

And they relplace batteries on thier controllers every few days. I bet these are the same people that complained and smeared the ps vita about the proprietary SD cards it had and that console failed ultimately because of that. Now sony is letting us choose our hard drive, which the speed and price will only get better with time and Xbox is selling proprietary sticks and using external hard drives. It's a very simple thing to do to replace an internal hard drive or SSD.

darthv7256d ago

To be fair, everybody hated the vita memory cards. Didnt matter what side of the fence you were on.

Sony already had a format: M2 (not to be confused with M.2) that was similar in size, design and performance. And it was cheaper. But nope... they had to make things weird.

56d ago
Sayai jin56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I personally don't think the install is difficult at all. Now there is a smear campaign or conspiracy theory.

Choice is always a good thing. I wonder how many people will still try to find the cheapeast SSD with or without a heatsink.

Also, I think that mosy people will dins this easy to install. However, parents that brought this for a younger child may do a double take when their kid says that my PS5 has to be opened up to install theis drive. However, they will most likely watch a video or just have a knowledgable friend install it.

Edit: first comment went straight to mentioning Xbox.

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IRetrouk57d ago

It's a great card for the price, the read speed is actually 7gbs and the write is 5.5gbs, all for £182..third party for the win.

Dezmond57d ago

£182 is in British pounds, it's $250 in USD

IRetrouk57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yeah, its a good price.

mikey1557d ago

Dezmond1h ago
£182 is in British pounds, it's $250 in USD***

The British price is the retail price with 20% VAT added to it.. AIUI, US "State" taxes can differ from state to state and are added when ordered[??]

fixwill57d ago

This is a PS5 ready NVMe PCIe 4.0 high-speed SSD. It's Aluminum dual-sided thermal design is awesome!

BrettAwesome57d ago

Why did you write your username at the bottom of your comment?

13sentinel57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Not sure!


mikey1557d ago

13sentinel6m ago(Edited 6m ago)
Not sure!


Why not?

Kindest Regards


PS if only eh? ;)

TheColbertinator56d ago

Because it is his signature

~ TheColbertinator ~

EvertonFC56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Type top 5 combatible PS5 SSD drives into Google, then go buy the one you want, unscrew one screw slot SSD in and replace done.
It would take my 10 year old nephew or neice 5 mins to do, NXT

mikey1556d ago (Edited 56d ago )

EvertonFC30m ago(Edited 30m ago)
Type top 5 combatible PS5 SSD drives into Google, then go buy the one you want, unscrew one screw slot SSD in and replace done.
It would take my 10 year old nephew or neice 5 mins to do, NXT***

I'd wait for an official list confirmed by Sony.. The newest AMD processors

AMD announced on 9 January 2019 its upcoming Zen 2-based processors and X570 chipset would support PCIe 4.0.[70] AMD had hoped to enable partial support for older chipsets, but instability caused by motherboard traces not conforming to PCIe 4.0 specifications made that impossible.[71][72]***

Are prettu much next gen only PS 5 is full on, Bluetooth 5, Wifi 6 and Superspeed USB... Last gen the Sony Camera didn't use USB, but attached to the Mobo with a special lead. This gen both PS 5 camera and PS 4 adaptor are USB

HD Camera or PlayStation®Camera (with a PlayStation®Camera adaptor) should be connected to a Superspeed USB port. You can connect your HD Camera or PS Camera (with an adaptor) to the USB Type-C port on the front of your PS5 console, or one of the USB Type-A ports on the back of your PS5 console.

Please note, HD Camera and PS Camera (with an adaptor) are not compatible with the USB Type-A port on the front of a PS5 console.***

and both need to attach to the Superspeed USB port. No need to rush in before the Betas are over.

Notellin56d ago

You're just as bad as the journalists lying about the difficulty. It isn't one screw. Don't be as bad as the journalists.

EvertonFC56d ago

You clearly haven't opened up your ps5 to clean it I see, it's one screw you unslide the cover and slot the SSD until it clicks then replace the cover and put the 1 screw in.

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