Valve Says Steam Deck Is Future Proof, But Could Add New Generations

Valve claims that the Steam Deck is future proof, but has ideas for new generations of hardware in the future.

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DeadlyFire51d ago

Pretty sure we will see a new one within every 5 years. The typical upgrade cycle.

ABizzel149d ago

I think we'll potentially see a new one in 2 - 3 years.

5nm processors and GPUs are coming out holiday 2022 which is a little over a year away, which means APUs / lower end GPUs are coming out the following year (with APUs around holiday 2023).

5nm is rumored to be bringing up to a 3x performance increase at the high end due to MCM designs, while everything else will likely be a stair step down from 6900XT performance (for example a 7700 XT is probably going to be equal in performance to a 6900 XT, based on logic and rumors). This means even at the low end we're looking at a bare minimum of 50% boost in CUs/AUs which should translate into 50% more performance, add higher clock / more consistent GPU clocks, and better performance-per-watt, and it gets close to being a 2x performance increase with a 12CU versions compared to the current 8CU without any real loss to battery life (as long as they stay with a 720p gaming target). The CPU will likely be 4C/8T/4C (The first number is primary cores, the second number is threads, and the third number are efficiency cores).

That's enough to warrant an upgrade or Steam Deck Pro IMO, but if they add a 720p OLED (1440p would be better for media playback, but games should default to 720p for better fps and battery life), a better form factor, and a 5G option, and it's going to be a perfect mobile device.

badz14950d ago

has Valve gone senile? the thing is weaker than the PS4 and has a battery life worse than the Switch. future proof? come on...

Kados50d ago

PS4 = 1.8TF GCN
Deck = 2TF RDNA2 (equal to ~3.35TF GCN)

kryteris50d ago

1.6TF with battery around two hours. With architecture changes that is probably around 2TF total compared to the PS4 except the memory bandwidth will be half. Certainly no where near 3.35TF GCN.

It's still great for 720p but nothing like you mentioned.

Kados49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

1.6TF is just for the GPU. You have to factor the CPU also. 1.6TF + 400 Gflops = 2Tflops. RDNA2 has a ~67.5% performance increase over GCN. 2 + 67.5% = 3.35.

Battery life is 2 hours minimum, playing more demanding games. It can go as high as 8 hours. Valve has said most typical games will get around 4-5 hours (Portal 2 on medium settings gets around 6 hours). BotW on the base Switch gets 3 hours by comparison. On Switch Lite, it gets around 4 hours. On the new OLED Switch, it is around 5.5 hours. Being undocked mode, that means ~350 Gflops of performance at most. The Deck will easily get 6-7 hours on a similarly demanding game.

Nuvem50d ago

Nothing is future proof.

Shuckylad50d ago

Bet they don’t release a mk 3 version.

KillBill50d ago

No such thing as "future proof" in tech. There always comes a point where you will need to move on.

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