Halo Infinite Tech Test Delivers 100fps+ on Xbox Series X/S

The first technical preview for Halo Infinite kicked off yesterday, and some rather interesting info is already coming out of it.

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Orchard48d ago

I'm impressed by the performance on the S - it looks good and runs at a stable 120hz. Not bad for $299.

frostypants47d ago

That's because the graphics aren't all that demanding.

fewDankMemes47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Hard disagree. They look pretty damn great. I’d say the visuals at this point are comparable to something like Returnal, which is also a fantastic looking shooter.

waverider47d ago

of course. Anyone can see that. And if they compared side by side with other halo games...

pedrof9347d ago (Edited 47d ago )

This is an old build, the devs said it. Enormous gameplay, but the graphics are a bit rough.

Tacoboto46d ago

Haven't had enough drops from 120fps to notice on Series S - can definitely tell it's 1080p on my 4K but for that machine at that refresh rate, Infinite looks good and runs solid with VRR.

Flight Simulator on this performs way better than I thought it would too.

rlow147d ago

That's a surprise. Nice

cliveo3247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Why didint they make the one x 1080p 60 why 2160p 30

Sciurus_vulgaris47d ago

I think the Xbox one versions of Halo Infinite will eventually have a 60 FPS mode with dynamic resolution.

Teflon0247d ago

To convince you to get the newer systems. They'll have a 60fps option on release though. No way in hell MS doesn't have that

Livingthedream47d ago

4K is a nice touch that’s why; they’ll add those game modes later

Visceral8947d ago

@Livingthedream 4k is overrated, 100fps vs 30fps is a HUGE advantage in multiplayer

NotoriousWhiz47d ago

Hopefully, the Xbox one version has texture pop in for an even bigger advantage.

You think you're hiding in a dense forest? Well, that's a freshly cut lawn on the Xbox one.

Lol. /s (in case it isn't obvious)

SeTTriP47d ago

Gimping it to make the series s look better.

OptimusDK46d ago

Because it has a beefy gpu and a small CPU. Not that hard

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The story is too old to be commented.