Activision IT Worker Secretly Filmed Colleagues in Office Bathroom

An Activision IT worker pleaded guilty to mounting a camera under the sink in a “manner to point at the toilet” in 2018, court records show.

XiNatsuDragnel852d ago

Oh boy Activision Blizzard you're going deeper and deeper into the abyss my friend.

Sonic-and-Crash852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

yes yes ...i like it ...i want to completely disband and their IP s sold elsewhere . and i m hoping all the low rank employees and workers find good job out of this shthole

having a company mocking you and developing a hideous quality FPS every year is an insult to the gamers too

Sony prepare your finances to buy that damn Crash B

XiNatsuDragnel852d ago

Facts fr I want Sony own all the SP IP from Activision.

zeuanimals850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

Sony better do something about Insomniac then. I'm pretty sure an investigation into all gaming companies is gonna show a good lot of them to have a fair share of creeps.

Profchaos850d ago

Be careful what you wish for ms might decide to buy it all crash, Spyro, Tony hawk, cod etc.

-Foxtrot852d ago

And hopefully this will hit them where the money is

I'd like to see Activision tank, enough for them to start selling what they believe is lesser IPs to other companies

Cough Cough *Crash and Spyro to Sony* Cough

John_McClane850d ago

Sony might be in the same boat if they aren't careful, there are thousands of racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic psn id's on the PlayStation network and when you report them Sony doesn't take them down.

roadkillers851d ago

As the company is on shakey ground from reports how employees are treated, pay, quality of titles, and other allegations... this doesn't represent the company, but a disgusting employee that could have been at any company. The PR is already bad for Activision and this doesn't help. Very disgusting of the person and an obvious disregard of person privacy. Enough so that this guys life is ****ed. The guy knew it too as he deleted all of the evidence. ****ing gross

traumadisaster851d ago

It seems gross to me but for a different reason, I just cant see it being sexual or attractive looking at people using bathrooms. But he could sit at the pool and watch tiny bathing suits all weekend and that seems more attractive but not a crime.

I imagine this guy is messed up but I think I’d rather be filmed without my knowledge taking a dump than hit in the face and my wallet stolen. or about any physical or material pain seems worse cause we can be watched mostly naked at the pool all day long anyway.

This is a crime but pretty petty as he just had to take a class. I guess I take less issue with this crap then say if someone was mentally or physically abused, even an animal I’d consider more important than a victimless crime. Cause I wouldn’t know and could care less if someone saw me take a piss but I wouldn’t want a dog to go without water or a person yelled at would be worse and I’d consider that “very disgusting” crime.

giveyerheadawobble850d ago

Bobby Kotick likes this comment and has awarded himself 2 million dollars as a reward.

sourOG851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Activision did nothing wrong in this instance. Well besides hiring a scumbag...

Y’all gotta remember that this lawsuit is about making activision responsible or compliant about this kind of shit. This helps activision, they investigated and contacted authorities.

LucasRuinedChildhood851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

It can be argued that this behaviour is reflective of their work culture to some extent, and that he felt more comfortable doing this because other employees were getting away with sexual harassment.

Remember, this is the same place where women were allegedly being groped, and a nude picture of a woman was shared between colleagues who they sexually harassed before she killed herself on a company trip ... where her boss brought sex toys to use on her (documented by police).

I don't think the case hinges on it either way.

sourOG851d ago

That’s a hard sale. “Culture” is more of a newspeak term than a legal term. Culture is junk science, it isn’t the shit on paper. It’s easy for them to say “hey we make them work late hours so we allow a few drinks blah blah”. It’s all about intent, did they hire this dude to film people taking shits? Did they hire a guy to bring dildos on a work trip? It’s a hard sale, maybe not in Cali but they will settle before court regardless.

They can easily fix all of this stuff. They will put up cameras and have a more
Professional no nonsense workspace. I don’t know why you would want that, to me it seems like a few people f***ing it up for everyone else. People should handle it like adults. If you see someone being bullied say something to the bullies. Tell the bullies to f*** off. I support a woman’s right to arm themselves and if they are continuously groped to the point of a mental breakdown? I would exonerate her if I were on a jury.

thorstein851d ago

Have you noticed that Activision keeps trying to distance themselves? I keep seeing articles that say "Blizzard" but not "Activision Blizzard."

Extermin8or3_848d ago

Well that's because whilst they own blizzard the rest of their studios aren't implicated it's literally Activision blizzard - and only blizzard studios identified in the lawsuit.

giveyerheadawobble850d ago

Deeper into the abyss of what exactly? They'll release another COD and they'll rake in another couple billion.

sourOG850d ago

A sad fact. The money they will pay California in this settlement is a month worth of mtx. A drop in the bucket.

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Extermin8or3_851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

This is bad but this is nothing todo with the other issues Activision had and the guys been prosecuted because its illegal todo what he did. This can unfortunately happen anywhere. Here in the uk I know this happened at a place my mother used to work a Doctor put a camera in the women's loos, however he was caught.

Infact I'm not sure why this is being reported now? The guy was prosecuted 3 years ago.

Fist4achin851d ago

Had to make sure it wasn't for footage of Call of Doodoo.

Joking aside this person was an absolute a$$hole and it is strange that this occurred so long ago.

Yui_Suzumiya851d ago

At least now hopefully Raven Software can sign to a publishing company that cares enough about them to let them do what they want like Singuality 2 or a Hexen / Heretic reboot.


Why would some of you want the company to go under as a whole just so Sony could grab a few IP's? So you guys want innocent people to be out of work and lives possibly ruined so you can buy a game from Sony? Seems like a very immature and selfish way of thinking. How about Activision fires all of the scumbag employees and make changes within the company instead? Seems alot more reasonable to me.

FlavorLav01851d ago

Annual cash grab titles, games full of MTs, no new big IPs in a long time, huge executive bonuses and mass lay-offs after games are done. Harassment suit aside, Activision has been sliding downhill for quite some time. I’d be more than happy to see this company disbanded into smaller companies and new indie studios. That’s a lot of talent that would be appreciated elsewhere.

derek851d ago

This is all silly internet conversation. Activision is in no danger of going under.


Yes obviously nothing anyone says in this thread will have an impact on what happens to Activision however, some of these people in here are so far up Sony's ass that they would honestly want people to lose their jobs just to open up the possibility that Sony could buy an IP off Activision.

Urrakia34851d ago

Tbh I believe we would be better off without Activision seeing as how they have perpetrated and popularized the worst aspects of the industry such as microtransactions and other anti-consumer practices. They have no respect for their customers or workforce and only care about maximizing profits which IMO has led to a toxic workplace culture. I'm sure many of their employees would find work seeing as how their problem is a lack of quality management and not developer talent.

Also, f*ck Bobby Kotick.

Bobertt851d ago

Game Developers regularly move in and out of jobs they are always in demand. Activision going under will be a good for humanity.

John_McClane850d ago

Finally, someone with some sense!

artgamer850d ago

This is not about firing some low level Activision/Blizzard employees. The corruption starts at the top level. High level managers are the scum perpetuating this stuff.

You need to cut out all of the cancer but they are so entrenched and intertwined within the organisation that to do away with them will spell disaster.

Bobby Kotick is a scumbag, who is gonna fire him?