Halo Infinite is Silky Smooth in Technical Preview Gameplay Videos

COG: The Halo Infinite technical preview is live now and we have been checking out what it has to offer. We have tried out the weapon drills and multiplayer.

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Jin_Sakai58d ago

Is there any native footage out there that hasn’t been live streamed and recorded? I’d like to see some 4K footage.

MecheSlays57d ago

It looks good. Its just a bit soft lookin. It is just a technical test tho. We gotta see how the game look.

ArthriticPowers57d ago

Here's some average 4k gameplay from an unlisted vid on youtube. I captured this on the xb sx internal dvr

SurgicalMenace57d ago

Is this supposed to be next gen?

russo12157d ago

Definitely not a next gen title.

TheDoomedGuy57d ago

Seeing as it's being developed for the base Xbox one...a cross gen title is being generous.

Base Xbox one was very behind the base PS4 and for the most part only Sony really advances the graphical fidelity throughout a generation.

This is a last gen game playable on next gen machines.

King_Noctis57d ago

Did they announce it to be nextgen only?

Tacoboto57d ago

Two month old build and multiplayer is built to target 120fps.

Is it supposed to look like the now-40fps single-player-only Ratchet? Or the 30fps also-cross-gen Horizon (which is reportedly delayed to 2022 and also doesn't have Ray Tracing)?

aaronaton57d ago

This multiplayer mode doesn't have ray-tracing.

Tacoboto57d ago

The only mention 343 has made with regards to RT in Infinite was a year ago as it coming post-launch (before the delay announcement). Not a peep since then, so of course it's not in this.

I would be surprised if they do put something with such a performance hit in multiplayer at all (at least on console).

tay870157d ago

yah let me know when halo infinite gets any real traction as a game of the year contender. while horizon will definitely be a heavy contender for g.o.t.y. just like zero dawn was. in fact when was the last time xbox had a game of the year contender? a decade or so ago? must be sad having to play recycled trash games year after year.

Darkborn57d ago

Pretty easy to compare a multiplayer map that's like 4 buildings and an alleyway to a full open world game and a next Gen cartoon looking game but OK.

TheDoomedGuy57d ago

I'm pretty sure ratchet is can be 60fps...might be wrong but that's what I think performance mode is at.
40fps is a boost from the fidelity mode.

Pretty sure horizon looks way better too.

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franwex57d ago

It’s not next Gen. Next Gen will give higher FPS.

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FPSFox57d ago

It's a shame the PC version is so rough right now.

Tacoboto57d ago

Halo Waypoint's message told me that I was on the preview for the PC build. But the Insider section of my profile showed me on Xbox... and that's indeed what the Insider Hub showed (Xbox had it but PC didn't).

If I can actually get it on PC tonight I'll take it for a spin - 2070S GPU so it's roughly the same as Series X performance.

Nitrowolf257d ago

Check on waypoint again, with me I got Xbox but they also sent a steam code

Aarontk57d ago

Download the Xbox insider app on your series X, you’ll see halo insider available, enroll, it’ll start downloading the game.
I was confused too because I got the pc message as well.

Tacoboto57d ago

Oh I got it on my Series S. It's just that Insider Hub on PC doesn't have access but the Xbox app did. My Profile's Insider section on HW also said just Xbox, despite the message to me stating PC. So I guess exact situation as you Aarontk

CaptainHenry91657d ago

They only show the multi-player

Gamer7557d ago

And what's wrong with that seeing as more people play that than the story mode

TheDoomedGuy57d ago

Are you saying the story mode is crap?
Are you saying that shouldn't be the focus at all?

Should they scrap single player campaigns then?

The single player is an opportunity for them to show the power of their console along with an amazing campaign with set piece moments...missed opportunity.

Gamer7557d ago

@TheDoomedGuy no that is not what I'm saying at all as it's a well known fact that when it comes to games that have both story & multiplayer that more people prefer to play the latter

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