Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Sage Job Icon Changed To Avoid Triggering Trypophobia

Today Square Enix announced that the previously-showcased job icon for the new Sage job in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker has been changed.

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NecrumOddBoy56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Here is the comparison picture:

Doesn’t really look like a trypo trigger image.

Furesis56d ago

I can kinda see it, i actually might have Trypophobia then lol. No big deal it still looks the same.
Actually the more i look at it the more i start to feel uncomfortable lol.
Jeesus, well you learn something new about yourself every once in a while.

CobraKai55d ago

I can have trypophobia, but it has to be a lot. The old icon is nothing. But you show me that pic of the dude with a lamprey eel mouth as his eyeball and I get shivers.

Snookies1256d ago

How are you even getting agrees lol. This is an accessibility issue and it might not bother you, or me. However, it helps out people that do have the issue. It's not stupid, it's great that they're thinking of people like this.

Abriael56d ago

especially considering that it costed them pretty much nothing. No reason not to do it when it's something this small.

XXXL56d ago

Accessibility issue? Ridiculous.

CrimsonWing6956d ago

What are you talking about!?

I have arachnophobia but I’m not going to cry about it and get spiders removed from the game. Accessibility to me would be offering options for someone who is colorblind to be able to distinguish colors, not altering something because of a phobia. This is just silly. At some point you just have to tell people to deal with it.

ElvisHuxley56d ago

Accessibility isn't making people cater to irrational fears, especially the dumber ones like this, it's helping people with legitimate disabilities.

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Harkins172156d ago

Eww Swiss cheese! I demand they fix it!

CrimsonWing6956d ago

This is pretty dumb, like can you not have anything with holes? I mean you opened this can of worms, why would you be fine with holes in other things?

specialguest56d ago

That is ridiculous! Trypophobia is a myth. People love to claim they have it, but it's not a true phobia for 99.9% of the world. This article proves it.

TakeTori56d ago

Lmao, inb4 your comment gets deleted for tricking people into clicking on a disgusting fucking photo

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