Is PlayStation really beating Xbox in the ‘console war’?

In console war rhetoric, everyone thinks their side is winning. And the truth is… They’re right.

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Community120d ago
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Babadook7120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Yah ps5 is killing it this gen. Great games. The best controller and 3D audio. Microsoft has had such a bad start there are still scarcely any exclusives out and they aren’t even leading in head to heads either. Ps5 is the better console and will absolutely have the better games all gen.

Lightning77120d ago

Still selling great with no exclusives. Even sold more than the PS last month(in the U.S). As far as games goes MS has teams and hiring some of the best game devs around so they could be even, or comparable quality wise through out the gen.

derek120d ago

@lightning new xbox fan argument "lineup so awful yet people are still buying the console" lol. Truth is Microsoft sold what 45-50 million consoles last gen (no one knows really cause they keep those numbers hidden) without releasing one noteworthy game at all. They obviously have a dedicated group of fans who will stick by them no matter what.

Lightning77120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@derek "lineup so awful yet people are still buying the console"

I mean they are, it's not an argument. Selling better than the 360 in which ppl here swore that the X Series will sale worse than the X1 actually. Imagine once these games do release. Infinite and Horizon 5 this fall. Cross fire X, Stalker 2 that spring, War hammer Dark Tide, Redfall in the summer then Starfield. The games start this fall going on full momentum in 2022.

ABizzel1120d ago (Edited 120d ago )


I went to look back over the XBO generation, and you're scarily right. Gears 5 was the only First Party game they had that really stood out as quality and at least graphically / performance-wise moving their studios forward, and that's scary and shocking (Maybe Master Chief Collection years after launch). Add in 3rd party and there was Forza Horizon (3rd party at the time), because most of the other big titles went multiplat like Ori, Cuphead.

nix120d ago


PS5 is the fastest selling PS in spite of the pandemic and shortages. That says a lot about how much ppl want it, with games or not.

Mr_Writer85120d ago


"Even sold more than the PS last month"

Press X to doubt, all the sources I read said that Xbox was the best selling Unit/Dollar.

But that doesn't mean it sold more, as even the Switch sold more units.

So if the Xbox came first on the unit-dollar, comparison, but was still outsold by the Switch then there is a chance the PS5 still outsold it.

But no one seems to be reporting actual numbers so guess we will never know.

GamingIVfun120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

No microsoft did not sell more conoles than Sony last month. Microsoft's hardware revenue was higher because of the release of new controllers, that sell well to PC and Xbox gamers. Sony still sold quite a few more PS5's than Microsoft sold Xbox Series x.

NeoGamer232120d ago

I do agree PS5 is currently leading XB. And what you said about why is also true.

But, neither are killing it for games yet. They both are starting the generation with very little new. The only real new IP by either as of the end of the year for first parties is returnal. And returnal is a solid game, it is no GOTY for me.

To me it is sad that we are 9 months into the Gen and all we've really seen is more sackboy, Demon's Souls, Spider-man, R&C, gears, and sea of thieves. And all we will see for rest of the year is more Horizon, Halo, and Forza Horizon. LOL. This holiday looks bleaker then last holiday. And I thought last holiday was bleak with remakes, full story expansions, and a lack of great new IPs.

LordoftheCritics120d ago

I thought Flamebait headlines were sooo pre-covid. Guess not.

rakentaja120d ago

Better to show games until the end of the year, rather than constantly telling which console is selling more units. A relatively pointless argument.

ElvisHuxley120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@derek It is bizarre, half the time Xbox fans online act more like shareholders than gamers. Maybe they are? Lol, who knows? Furthermore, they often mislead to make a point. Pointing out Xbox beating PS5 in the USA is like pointing out that American football is more popular in the US than soccer, lol. It's even more absurd than this though when you factor in the hardware shortages, and the obvious point about Sony needing to spread their supply thinner due to global demand, whereas Xbox doesn't have to worry so much about global demand, allowing them to meet demand domestically more efficiently. Not to mention things that other commenters are pointing out in this thread that I didn't know about. The lengths people will go to spin the truth is silly. If your product is really as popular as you say it is, then why go to such great lengths to convince everyone? Surely it's obvious? To be fair, Sony has plenty of zealots of well, but they don't often come in this variety for obvious reasons.

StormSnooper120d ago

I believe that was a marketing ploy by MS where people assumed more dollar meant more consoles sold.

IRetrouk120d ago

They said the same thing about the xbox one, remember? How that go🤔

JackBNimble120d ago

Didn't flight sim just come out?

1Victor120d ago

The question should be will Xbox ever have a good generation start?
Please don’t say 360 as it was plagued by RROD and took the rumor of the U.S.A government issuing of a recall for them to do something about it in the form of free repair

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TheProblem120d ago

Ps5 is stomping Xbox in every single way.

roadkillers120d ago

The Playstation brand has always been about quality and variety of games. Xbox has always been about FPS and forward thinking technology (they are mainly a PC company). Nintendo just creates their brand of games with their unique consoles.

Playstation will continue winning because they have grown some of the best studios to make some of the best games. The hardware is fantastic as well

Xbox will win because they are supported by the second biggest company in the world. They have their cloud and by transitioning games to the cloud, it helps build their future.

Nintendo is the Disney of video games. They generally recycle a lot of content and people want it. They move franchises forward. When they create a new IP, it's a big deal and will probably be a hit (look at ring fit, wowza on the sales).

gravedigger120d ago

Oh, yeeeees!

Remember all those post about PS4 being a success because the competition was weak? MS shot themselves in the foot and the Wii U was a flop, ect...

But but this time it will be different because the competition is better. Game pass is the best value in gaming and will disrupt the market and so forth. Yeah, that didn't age well.

PS5 is selling better than the PS4 even with "stronger competition" and at a higher price point.

SullysCigar120d ago

It's pretty brutal. Xbox feels more and more niche, but not for the right reasons.

The PS5 lead is particularly impressive so early in the generation and especially being against combined sales figures of the cheapo Series S and premium-priced X.

scofios120d ago

Playstation beatiing Xbox as always , since every generation . what's new ?

ElvisHuxley119d ago

Xbox really got lucky when Sony botched the PS3 release, not sure they would have even gotten their foot in the door if Sony had nailed that launch.

120d ago
1Victor120d ago

It’s crushing it into paste

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darthv72122d ago

on the one hand, Sony has been such a dominating force to be reckoned with since their debut in the late 90's. sure they stumble a bit here and there but they always came back stronger than before. on the other hand, you got MS. Nobody expected them to last as long as they did and despite having ego problems and questionable leadership from time to time... they too have been one to keep getting up despite being knocked down.

When you see a situation like that, you cant help but give some respect to the under dog. For they could just turn tail and run but it takes some balls to get back up and face the opposition. Win/lose doesnt matter... but im seeing more people looking at MS with more respect for standing their ground instead of folding like other companies have done in the past. they may not buy into the platform, but at least they respect it more for not giving up.

oldenjon120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

It's weird because I was originally a Nintendo fan who migrated to Xbox, and ended up a playstation fan after my 360 RROD'd. I wanted Microsoft to succeed, and still do to an extent but I can't reconcile with the arrogance, shallow promises, and lack of commitment to diversity, quality, ideas and customers. At this point I don't see them as underdogs at all more like entitled and too big to fail.

TheDoomedGuy120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

They like the console space. They know it's an area full of potential and growth. With all their money they're not gonna just abandon it.

For me as a console they've already failed this new gen. Xbox series S is an insult to gamers.

A couple of reasons why.
1. It's not a huge step from Xbox one x. So there is no reason to not allow Xbox one x to play next gen games of the series s can do it. An insult to the people that purchased xonex especially after the claims that this was the console for you that they hard you etc...all that for like a few years later becoming obsolete.

2. Why only digital...series s and x are essentially 2 completely different consoles. They should both have a digital and physical disc option. Why not? Because the 300$ is meant to entice gamers towards a digital only future and grab them by the balls with gamepass.

As I said. An insult and anticonsumer.

KillBill120d ago

"...entitled and too big to fail." - you just described Sony in a nutshell in terms of the game market.

343_Guilty_Spark120d ago

Lack of diversity? They have FPS, RTS, Puzzles, Platformers, Sports, and RPGs

Quality I disagree.

Arrogance? They have a controller built specifically for special needs gamers, the have an affordable monthly gaming subscription, their games are on PC.

You just sound angry.

Army_of_Darkness120d ago

The only reason ms has survived the console wars till now is because they have the money to do so. Any other company would have gone bankrupt by now.

Army_of_Darkness120d ago


How is Sony entitled? Especially when they have been giving the Ps gamers what they ask for. Which is exclusive single player AAA games and new ips. Clearly, you don't know sh*t about playstation.

oldenjon120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@343_Guilty_Spark Arrogance is not the same as accessibility, wtf are you talking about with that controller comment? Affordable game pass subscription? Wut?

DJStotty119d ago (Edited 119d ago )


"2. Why only digital...series s and x are essentially 2 completely different consoles. They should both have a digital and physical disc option. Why not? Because the 300$ is meant to entice gamers towards a digital only future and grab them by the balls with gamepass.

As I said. An insult and anticonsumer."

Nah, a digital console is nowhere near anti-consumer, that would make the steam handheld, and the PS5DE also anti-consumer right?

And how in N4G's name is it an insult to gamers? I'm a gamer and i am not insulted, i just bought the Series X lol.

The Series S is aimed at an entry-level crowd, which in all honesty is very very small, hence why there are still available more or less anywhere.

DJStotty119d ago


"and lack of commitment to diversity, quality, ideas and customers."

Come off it fella, they have

1) released a controller for special needs gamers
2) all games are available across multiple platforms
3) have a more diverse genre lineup than any opposition

"At this point I don't see them as underdogs at all more like entitled and too big to fail."

No one is too big to fail

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BrettAwesome120d ago

Late 90s? The PS1 came out in '94

thecodingart120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I think you mixed up your analogy. Sony is absolutely the underdog in the gaming space. Microsoft is the rich kid who doesn’t understand why they aren’t winning as they’ve always been given everything in life.

Loktai120d ago

1994 is not the late 90s just saying

CaptainHenry916120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

This comment is hilarious 😁 so Microsoft didn't try to do this back in the early 2000s 🤔

dbcoops120d ago

If we're being honest its been far less about "balls" with MS and much more about money, specifically how much they have to throw around that's kept them in the console gaming space.

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FallenAngel1984121d ago

Every platform has an area they perform very well in

120d ago
shepherdzeMan120d ago

simple -
hardware = SONY
software = XBOX

oldenjon120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Hmmm flight simulator (freeby since it's coming out in two weeks) and the medium VS. Demon's Souls Returnal Miles Morales Ratchet & Clank FF7R Intergrade..... You know, I think you might be onto something.

dbcoops120d ago

lol, nah

hardware = both
software = Sony