No Longer Home is an LGBT-friendly game out now on PC and Mac

Fellow Traveler and Humble Grove have announced the launch of No Longer Home, their new LGBT-friendly project. It’s a semi-autobiographical game that forces you to consider your life in a new light.

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anast668d ago

The game might be cool, but the sales pitch is awful.

fr0sty668d ago

Agreed. Pure pandering. To imply this game is "LGBT friendly" is to imply that other games are not, which is BS.

Chriswheeler22668d ago

Don't you know, if you dont have an LGBT character you are not an ally of course

Kryptix1668d ago

Yea, the devs must live in a bubble.

Funny thing is that people who think that those who don't wear LGBT shirts, play games with binary genders, or don't put a rainbow in June on their Twitter pics are the devil are pretty much bigots themselves. Logically speaking.

specialguest668d ago

Actually I'm fine with them mentioning that. That let's me know it's a game to pass on

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TheDoomedGuy668d ago

You know you never find any games specifically about male or female genders.

And regarding the title of the me one LGBTQ unfriendly game.

Inverno668d ago

Persona 5 according to all the whiney people saying it was homophobic

TheDoomedGuy668d ago

Okay I meant actually unfriendly not just a theory some whiney people had.

Loktai667d ago

Yeah lets fire in every other japanese thing ever. Persona 4 did the same with the Kanji character, hundreds of games, and movies. Sorry guys but not the whole world is super in love with what for a STRAIGHT person is an act of perversion. If you are gay you dont see it that way, But being "Phobic" is not an act of aggression. I wonder if these loud voices understand just how many people are SHRIMPphobic?! THEY WANT SHRIMP TO GO EXTINCT , THEY DONT LIKE SHRIMP OR THE SMELL OF SHRIMP, OH GOD, SHRIMP ARE DOOMED! THE GROCERY STORES WILL STOP CARRYING SHRIMP IF THEY GET THEIR WAY AND SHRIMP WILL BECOME 100 BUCKS A POUND- No.. simply insane.

JTShiny667d ago

You won't find any. It's all in their heads.

Loktai667d ago

Phantasmagoria II a puzzle of flesh, the gay guy dies, BOOM point proven! .... Not so much the main character in that is actually bisexual so its like, hey guys, you HAD your games for decades. If 1-2 games out of 100 share their views on sex that jives pretty well with actual representation. But I think we all know that pretty much since the beginning of time, games have made no ill-moves against the LGBT community and have been a gateway to being represented, but now its the devil when not every single game represents them. I see almost nobody complain that eskimos arent represented in games often enough, or that we hardly have ANY Thai characters in gaming, or that there arent enough Mongolian throat singers in game soundtracks unless the game is set in that region of the world (HOW DARE YOU TOKENIZE THEM) but .. .you know, if a single digit percent isn't the focus of a game its anti-gay. Its at bare minium an unrealistic ask and at most alienates a majority of the population. Ok make some games t hat are LGBT friendly- thats why I support this game- Because now I know its not aimed at me. Its aimed at someone else. Let them enjoy it, its just not mine. Like any other thing not everything is for everyone.

dumahim667d ago

I don't see the problem here. I'd say most games are indifferent. What's wrong with some being friendly?

Sciurus_vulgaris668d ago

I’m pretty sure any game that doesn’t promote bigotry based on sexual orientation or gender identity is LGBT-friendly.

frostypants667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

There is a juvenile school of thought out there that if a given thing isn't explicitly and aggressively pro-[insert desired thing], then it is anti-[insert desired thing] (it would mean this very game was anti-all sorts of things). Of course it's idiotic. But it's more common than you might think. You need to lower your expectations for modern intellectual honesty.

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