Tribes of Midgard is Super Popular

PP: Over 250,000 Vikings have geared up in Tribes of Midgard.

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Hikoran56d ago

For anyone who clicked this post thinking wtf is that? Its like an above diablo/hades type view, where you and 10 online others start more or less at the same time to collect stuff to craft to go fight giants coming to your village slowly but surely. It's really quite difficult but REALLY good and what's even better.. it's pennies!

Gaming4Life198156d ago

Thanks for description, I never heard of this game but will definitely check it out now cause I like what I read.

sourOG56d ago

Is there a story with gods and stuff like that or is it gameplay focused against the giants?

victorMaje56d ago

Not sure about a story (I don’t think I found one), the main modes are matchmaking (coop with the 10 others) & solo (haven’t tried it yet maybe this mode has a story). There’s a tutorial, then at level 3 it opens up survival mode.

Hikoran56d ago

I've never made it that far but I know that seasons are 'Saga' with an end boss so I think a loose story is there but maybe we'll find out more as we make it further

sourOG55d ago

Thanks I’m just wondering because Norse mythology is my crack. I buy every book, game or anything I find on it lol.

Darkborn56d ago

It actually does look really good.

jznrpg56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I may check it out but I’m almost done with a couple games so I might wait for a small bit . It’s not really my type of game but I’m willing to try it out as I like some PVE games .