Double Life: Inside the Playstation Oasis, Where Sony Is Redefining the Gift Bag, Part I

If familiarity breeds contempt, there's no more fertile ground than the venerable gift bag. That's not to say that celebrities don't still expect to get some swag for showing up to various events. But it does mean that with every free bottle of lotion, pair of sunglasses or safari vacation they rack up, the boldfaced names become harder and harder to impress. That certainly wasn't the case last week during Super Bowl celebrations at the Playstation Oasis at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami's South Beach section, where a few boldfaced names that you might recognize--Ludacris, Tom Brady, Gabrielle Union, Mario Williams, John Legend, Terrence Howard and newly-minted Australian Open champion Serena Williams--all stopped by to get their hands on some free food and drink and a great view of the beach.

See the images of the "pimped" out PS3's

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