PS5 Firmware Update Will Improve Create Mode Functionality

The firmware's extensive patch notes have been typed out in full, and they list some relatively small but notable improvements to Create mode. Firstly, when you take screenshots, you'll be able to disable the on-screen confirmation notification that appears in the top right. This will stop it from appearing in later captures if you're taking multiple at once.

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Teflon0249d ago

Really isn't a big deal on PS5 seeing the Library is actually decent. Only thing they need to do is fix the fact the live area for titles i the Library vs the front don't give the same activity cards and such. Meaning quick launching only works on last few played games

FallenAngel198449d ago

It’s jarring for any system to have less features than its predecessors

May not be a big deal for you, but it’s still important for a lot of people especially as their library increases. There’s no reason for it not to be there

Atomicjuicer50d ago

How about remote play that doesn't require the controller from last gen to work?

generic-user-name49d ago

I thought they said they had a reason for changing the name from Share button to Create button, but so far the functionality is pretty identical.

dsammy0449d ago

Wish they allowed for captures to be shared to the ps plus cloud like Xbox allows captures. It's super easy to share screenshots and videos with my friends with Xbox app on my phone. YouTube/Twitter is nice and all but not every capture I want to be associated with my Twitter feed or YouTube channel.