The Ascent Devs Made an Effort to Distinguish It from Others by Making It Fun

Neon Giant made sure their game is different from a certain cyberpunk game.

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Kosic128d ago

I've tried this game again and again and each time I feel like I'm just playing it in the sake of playing it. Not really sure if I enjoy it or dislike it.

I'm only level 7, I ended up doing a lot 10 mission at lvl 3 which caused me to die a few times. (I didn't realise the recommended level of quests in the small text at the time). So my first experience was bad. But as soon as I stacked HP on skill points it wasn't as a bad experience.
The loot that drops for me is the same 3 guns, and a handful of armour pieces.
So far the loot isn't exciting, the constant stuttering is not fun. I have 90fps average and still stutter like crazy.

I think for me this is one of those games that has hype for others but isn't great for me.

Kavorklestein128d ago

I find myself enjoying it a lot actually.
I'll even think about it when I'm not playing it. It's gotten in my brain.

I actually like that there isn't a whole lot of loot because it allows me to spend more time playing instead of scraping out comparisons to make sure I have the best of everything equipped.
It feels like my character is more important to upgrade than finding new items.
This keeps me roaming and playing instead of always checking my inventory.

I like the vibe and the gunplay.

I am liking it more that I thought I would.

Aussiesummer128d ago

Just an astonishing effort for such a tiny team and the visuals are breath taking.....sorry.

PiNkFaIrYbOi128d ago

Isn't the point of video games to be fun?