PS4 9.00 Beta Invites Being Sent Out, Here’s What’s in the Upcoming Firmware Update

PS4 9.00 beta invites are being sent out today, and here's what's going to be included in the upcoming firmware update.

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MaximusPrime_52d ago

Yep, I got an email invitation.

NecrumOddBoy51d ago

Same. Downloaded it yesterday just to try the 3D Audio. It's interesting. With my TV speakers, it really amplifies the sounds. I don't feel the "3D" as much as it brings more range to the volume and clarity based on depth to characters on screen. It did not "throw" the sound behind me. It does test/measure your room with audible clicks in the settings feature but I am not savvy enough to know what it is actually doing. I tested it out with RDR2. With the 3D audio off, the saloon in Valentine is muffled in the background while the dirt crunches under Arthur's feet as he is walking. With the 3D audio on, the bar is booming and when you walk through the doors, it's almost like you are walking into a live establishment with vibrant sound. I bet this would be phenomenal with a SONOS ARC or good soundbar (which I am going to get now). I am not a headphone gamer unless I am playing PSVR (or 2.0 soon).

I didn't try out external HDDs or anything else but when I pushed the PS button to shut off the console, there are other tutorials for the controller and added UI features. Oh, also both controllers got updated with the patch as well (no clue what that update does).

---SLUG---51d ago

Whoops, someone didn’t read the article posted here.

WackoDaSniper52d ago

Hope I get one soon. Wish we'd get some more frequent updates. Missing some good PS4 features we had.

excaliburps52d ago

You reckon Sony rolling out more features even if we got PS5 in full swing later this year and next? I hope so. I honestly find PS4 UI easier to use. :|

KyRo52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I've had a PS5 for some time now and I still haven't got used to the UI, especially for the friends/party chat/messages. I feel they've tried to streamline it but make it more cumbersome. That being said the settings menus are much cleaner to navigate and the store being integrated is a big step in the right direction but overall, the PS4s UI is easier to navigate.

isarai52d ago

Dont get the disagrees, seriously, switching between apps or just trying to find your way to messages is a pain, especially compared to PS4. They really need to bring back the double tap to switch apps and give messages a dedicated tab in the quick menu

curtain_swoosh52d ago

got mine, its not a huge change tho. which is ok xD


i got one i thought it was the ps5 beta invite lol

EvertonFC51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Same buddy, even redeemed it then wondered why nothing happened lol.
Dam was looking fwd to trying the 3d audio with the TV speakers.

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