PS5 Will Use the DualSense to Optimise 3D Audio Through TV Speakers

This is blowing our mind a little bit: PlayStation 5’s next firmware update will add 3D audio for bog-standard television speakers, as previously promised. Naturally, the results won’t be as effective as with a quality pair of headphones, but Sony will optimise the experience by detecting the acoustics of your room using the microphone on your DualSense controller.

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kneon51d ago

Not surprising really, this is a standard calibration technique for AV receivers, only they typically use a wired microphone

S2Killinit50d ago

You dont think this is insanely cool stuff?

Bathyj50d ago

No he saw it coming somehow.

iplay1up250d ago

Not when Xbox has had 3D audio since last gen, via Dolby Atmos.

--Onilink--50d ago

Not the calibration part, just as he said, its pretty common in the audio world to use a microphone for this.

50d ago
kneon50d ago

Sure it's cool, but using a microphone to tune the system is obvious. I did some work on 3D audio about 15 years ago and was doing something similar, and I was not at all the first to do so

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boing150d ago

Not surprising? For a console?

--Onilink--50d ago

I mean, its just using a microphone to calibrate sound…its been done for years now. The just need to have the software to do it, its not particularly different from it being done on a console, PC, soundbar or a receiver. If anything a console has significantly more software capabilities to have it than most dedicated A/V stuff

boing150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

So what? Which console did it before? And with a normal TV? This 'it's just using a microphone' statemanet makes you sound a bit ignorant IMO. I'm actually surprised that mic on DS allows for that. Needs to be at least bidirectional for this to work I think. Sony is future proofing yet again.

--Onilink--49d ago

Are you talking about 3D audio or of calibration using a microphone? Because the article is clearly talking about the 2nd.

Why are people suddenly acting like using a microphone to calibrate 3D sound is some grand achievement? The fact that its one a console doesnt make it any more complicated, an av receiver clearly has less sophisticated hardware and software. The only reason it wasnt done before is because neither MS or Sony had put much effort into audio.

Still though…its just a using a microphone to calibrate sound…cool that the dont require anything extra, but still a perfectly normal thing

crazyCoconuts51d ago

That's super cool. Neat to see the useful side effects of having such an advanced controller


I tried it and didn't like it so I disabled it.

13sentinel50d ago

Read through his history and it will become clear


I didn't like the way it made my game sound when I turned it on. It took away the tremble which I like. It sounded muffled. I have a LG CX. It just didn't sound as clear with the effects on. Not sure why these clowns seem to think I'm against Sony because of my comment history. I dog Sony and MS when they make dumb moves plain and simple. 3D audio sounds fine in the headphones but not coming out of a TV speaker imo.

The Wood50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Nothing wrong with that assessment. Not everything works perfectly for everyone. People disagreeing doesn't necessarily mean they think you're anti sony. They may just be anti its really not that serious though and for me most tv speakers are crap.
Sound bar or av speakers neeeded by default. Game on fellas

S2Killinit49d ago

The question is, how did he try it and not like it when its not out yet?

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13sentinel50d ago

O yea, you know he is objective because his profile picture are ps5 boxes. You are officially declared impartial.


I am very objective actually. Maybe my profile pic triggers you because you can't even get one PS5? Lol gtfo

S2Killinit49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

How did you try it on your LG and not like it when the firmware update is not even out yet?


First of all I'm in the beta you clown so maybe you should know what you're talking about before you speak

S2Killinit49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

clown is a bit aggressive dont you think?

porkChop50d ago

Eh, that's a cool idea. I've seen stuff like this before and it usually works pretty well. The controller's built-in mic obviously won't provide the same results as a more advanced implementation, but it should still do a decent job of improving directional audio.

Abnor_Mal50d ago

Would it be possible to plug in a mic of some sort, like a gaming headset, and be able to get better calibration of the surroundings?

porkChop50d ago

Not sure. Sony could technically allow that though.

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