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The Ascent is a tour de force from developer Neon Giant. The core gameplay mechanics are perfectly implemented with incredibly satisfying combat, accompanied by a fantastic story and numerous very welcome quality of life features. Its difficulty is just on the right side of challenging, and there is just the right amount of depth to its RPG underpinnings to satisfy more hardcore gamers without alienating newcomers.

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Gunstar7557d ago

The reviews for this game are all over the place....

babadivad57d ago

Same thing with Returnal. Guess you'll have to try it for yourself.

57d ago
13sentinel56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Allow me to school you with facts, it's only a pleasure.

Returnal has an 86% metascore. Ascent has a 75% Metascore, and you want to tell me " Same thing with Returnal". No, sorry, but you are hopelessly incorrect. This is not "the same thing with Returnal".

EvertonFC57d ago

Agreed sounds like a patch or 2 is needed. I'll wait a few weeks to iron some of the things out for before jumping in

TheRealTedCruz57d ago

I'm about to boot it up. One of my favorite reviewers, ACG, gave it a pretty strong review, and didn't make any real point on the game being buggy.

Time will tell.

HeliosHex57d ago

I think this is the first 9 I've seen for this game out of 5 reviews that had it as broken with 3's and ok with 6' about all over the place wow. Guess I'll see where my own view of the game lands.

Father__Merrin57d ago

Polarising reviews but from what I've played it's a 7 for sure but in no way is it a 3 it's NOT A BROKEN GAME like the metro review made out to be.

Highrevz57d ago

That seemed like click bait to me🤷‍♂️

Not sure if reviews was done on an older build but I haven’t had any issues with the game so far.

CantThinkOfAUsername56d ago

It is broken. Might not happen to you, but it's there. The co-op mode in particular is the dog's dinner.

DaleCooper56d ago

I've played the first two hours and I'm really enjoying my time with it. Reminds me a bit of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (which also didn't get the best reviews, but I really liked it). Not amazing, but not bad either.

Aussiesummer56d ago

I've had a game breaking audio glitch and the odd graphical glitch, hopefully it gets an update soon.

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