New Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Screens

A new batch of images of the upcoming PS3 version of Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

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NoUseMerc4908d ago

According to a new hands on over at IGN, Oblivion is really lokoing good on the PS3. They said that load times are faster, glitches and bugs are fixed, and the textures look sharper on the PS3 version.

ElementX4908d ago

It's coming out a year later. Been there, played that, last year.

Master of Menace4906d ago

Oh, that's right. 360 owners, they don't count. There's over 100 million people who haven't played it. And they will be playing the definitive version.

PS3alltheway4908d ago

Here's the link

its about time
Better Texture , better loading , so on...........
For this Result i gave The Dev a Respect Big Credit this one is for me
Don't know which one to pick this coming March

DJ4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

Good to see them put that Blu-ray disc to good use. Faster load times + Higher Res textures with a little glitch fixing on the side. Sweet! Oh yeah, and the built in expansions don't hurt either. =]

PS360PCROCKS4908d ago

rented this one, but sorry DJ, I would rather get the game a year early than wait for better textures and loading times. Although that is a big perk

MoonDust4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

Haven't played this game in a long time but it looks pretty much the same. After all those delays i thought it would be a lot better.

nice_cuppa4907d ago

and shadows ?

go through the pics and tell me im wrong !

if i get better texture resolution but loose the cool lighting and shadows i think its a bad trade of.

maybe its just weird pics or unfinished code but from a year old port i have to say meh !

InMyOpinion4907d ago

That's what I thought when I saw RFOM; where's the lighting and shadow effects?! Strange...

D R Fz4907d ago

but if you want a shadow then:
and if you want lighting then:
There is no trade off. Oblivion just got a whole lot better. Period.

InMyOpinion4907d ago

It looks exactly like the xbox 360 version. It's good that they worked out faster loading times, no thanks to the blu-ray tho. It's purely because they use the built in hdd for caching in a way they did'nt on the 360 version. Probably could have if they had more time to work with it.
But hey! Now you get the chance to play last years best rpg!