Half-Life 2 Remastered Collection Leaked On Steam

The remaster is a fan project backed by Valve's blessing.

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Fntastic56d ago

Hmm interesting, wonder if it's Source 2 or still Source 1

exputers56d ago

The Project Quarantine was mod focused on remastering Half-Life 2 in Source 2, I think this might be the same.

TheExecutioner55d ago

How about episode 4.. Any news

Fist4achin55d ago

Well, here goes...

In the sentence above, there are the words "backed" and "blessing". The letter "B" can be disected to a 1 and 3. HL 3 confirmed.

Father__Merrin55d ago

Wow I recall playing HL2 with Orange box on ps3 brilliant story game

camel_toad55d ago

If I have one memory of HL2 that stands out above all others it was when you got your grav gun upgraded near the end so you could grab enemies. It gave me that same level of excitement and chills I got from Super Metroid when the metroid gave its life to super charge Samus at the end so she could murder Motherbrain.

Father__Merrin54d ago

What about the constant antlions etc great single player game

solideagle55d ago

I wish they remaster Orange box collection for last gen and current Gen, that would be super cool

darthv7254d ago

You can play orange box on series x and it looks and plays better than 360.

Fntastic54d ago

The console versions apparently had a lot of issues and ran worse than at launch (2004) on PC. Played it lots in 2004 and upgraded my PC just for it. Then HL2 DM came and Steam started getting even bigger. The multiplayer was pretty fun too even if a tad basic, but it brought along Garry's Mod soon after too.

DefenderOfDoom254d ago

Wish they would bring this PS4 PS5 . Loading times was awful for Orange Box on PS3!!!! I gladly pay 5 bucks for Half Life collection on PS4 and Ps5

Yui_Suzumiya54d ago

Hell I'd pay $75 and I own it on PS3

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