Microsoft: Buy Vista, fight AIDS in Africa

t's probably not enough of a selling point to make buyers out of the operating system's critics, but Microsoft will start selling boxed copies of Windows Vista in a Product Red edition.

The Red version of Vista, which had been sold only as part of Dell PCs, will now also be available in boxed form.

Starting later this month, customers will be able to purchase Windows Vista Ultimate in a version that offers some proceeds to Product Red, a charity that works to fight AIDS in Africa.

The Windows version is not entirely new, having been sold on several models of Dell PCs since early this year. In addition to providing some cash to the AIDS charity, the Red version of Vista also includes some specially themed wallpaper and sidebar gadgets.

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Tony999Montana3601d ago

So... Now microsoft are resorting to threatening people: Buy Vista or Africans will die


Blaze9293601d ago

But such a brad product. Kinda f****d up on Microsoft's part to make this "bundle". Dont use a serious death killer to push your failure of an OS

pwnsause3601d ago

its the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Cwalat3601d ago

Microsoft are the greediest of all major corporations in the world...
if you read the statistics of how much money they've sent out...

it's like...

a man sees a kid on the street, he says: "plz mister, lend me a hand.. do you have any spare change?"

the man gives him a buck and says: "here you go, now.. remember who gave it... Uncle Microsoft.. so if anybody asks, say that uncle Microsoft gave you tons of money :) here you go.. another buck!"

of all their money, they give maybe a drop of the ocean...
that's what i hate about todays society... and everthing humans stand for...

when you have money.. over 1 million.. it should be the law that every EVERY single penny you make.. half of that should go to those in need for imidiate help...

i hate ppl trying to market their products with such things as AIDS.. it's just pathetic... i just wish murdering these head of corporations wasn't illegal.

Kyur4ThePain3601d ago

I'm a bad, bad person. But that was funny as hell.

GUNS N SWORDS3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

....... i read it i stand corrected :)

Danja3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Buy a Red Ipod and fight Aids/

go research some charity foundation in Africa and donate money to them for fighting aids..

Vista will give ur computers cyber Aids..

Marceles3601d ago

dammit Danja you read my mind lol.

Buy Vista and fight Aids while making your computer sick in the process

Lord Anubis3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

lol GUNs

trying to spin things and doesn't even research


GUNS N SWORDS3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

..............and what OS do you use (DANJA)

elorm93601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

The distinction here is that Sony isn't trying to exploit social problems to market their products. Besides, there are tons of non-profit organizations out there like the Salvation Army.

The Killer3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

but in this world in this time the company who discovered the cure(probably they made it in the first place) announce the cure but quickly withdrew the information about it, so that more "money hungry" trillionaires get more money from the current medicines and let miilions africans to die so to control the earths population!!

i have the resources if any body interested

ZootHornRollo3601d ago

buying american products does not help out any one.

if you wanna help out peopel with aids in africa then find a company from africa and send them money

dont fund a company that doesnt trickle down the money

phosphor1123601d ago

with my ps3 =].

Besides, I use linux.

hay3601d ago

Don't buy it, fight Vista in whole world.

xenogamer3601d ago

they need to fight RROD...

incogneato3601d ago

id rather buy the regular version

CrippleH3601d ago

Cwalat you're wrong on that one.

MS is the second most greedy corp in the world.

Walmart is the first and richest corp in the world.

gaffyh3601d ago

Buy Vista, fight AIDS in Africa. Don't buy Vista, we give AIDS to people in Africa...


paul-p19883601d ago

haha nice slogan @ OP. Its a shame thats it helping a good cause, but giving your computer the electronic equiviliant of aids.....

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elorm93601d ago

I'd rather just donate money to Bono's cause than buy this POS

BrianC62343601d ago

Vista isn't that bad. I finally have it running on my computers at home. IE7 though does seem to freeze up more than it should. I'm just really disappointed in what we got after years of hype over the next Windows.

As for this story, Microsoft should just give money to the cause if they believe in it. Forget about this silly donation for each copy of Vista. Most of us just see it as Micrsoft trying to guilt us into buying Vista.

elorm93601d ago

I've had it on my laptop and I just despise it. XP is fine, I don't know if I'll put that on instead. Maybe I'll just wait 'till SP2

BrianC62343601d ago

I won't say I like Vista. I won't say I hate it either. I think Microsoft really messed up bad though. I work in IS for a living and our company is sticking with XP. No reason to move to Vista. It just doesn't offer much and why spend the money to upgrade? I paid a lot for my home desktop. I paid around $265 for the Ultimate upgrade. That's the only reason I installed it recently. I removed it after I first installed it. Then SP1 came out. That at least made it run better.

I say anyone with XP and not a new computer just stick with XP. Anyone buying a new PC go with Vista unless you know it won't work with software or hardware you need.

Vista was supposed to be this great OS. That's what is really bad. They dumped most of the features they hyped for years. They ended up with just a nicer looking XP is all they really did.

mirroredderorrim3601d ago

I would rather buy XP and donate to the Red Cross.

AstroZombie13601d ago

Great they are trying to make me feel guilty for buying the OEM version of Vista lol. (who wouldn't want to save £100/$100)