Insomniac Games Director of Core Technology Discusses In-House Results of M.2 SSD Testing

Mike Fitzgerald, Director of Core Technology at Insomniac Games, talks about testing Rift Apart using the ‘recommend specs’ and how it’s treating one of SIE’s top studios.

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Jin_Sakai59d ago

Good news.

“The Gen4 drives we tried that met the recommended specs gave results almost indistinguishable from the internal SSD. The rest of the I/O path still in use (hardware Kraken decompression, etc.) is definitely pulling its weight in delivering the crazy loading moments in Rift Apart.”

Neonridr59d ago

just gotta be sure you are using those (Gen4), they said using older drives meant upwards of 15% slower loading sequences.

elazz58d ago

I think with 'those' they mean the ones like 980 pro and sn850. The first generation pcie 4.0 drives reached speeds of around 4.5GB/s

VenomUK58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@Neonridr He said there are some Gen 4 drives that are below spec. So Gen 4 is no guarantee of PS5 internal SSD equivalent speed! You have to make sure you go for a fast SSD.

The quote "We tried some below-spec Gen4 M.2 drives as well and saw up to 15% slower loading in the most SSD-stressing areas of the game."

Eonjay58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I'm glad they gave people the option to use the older drives but I think its irrelevant when you can actually get a gen 4 for pretty cheap.

So I found a compatible 1TB NVME drive and double sided heatsink for for $209 total before tax.

Drive is 7000 MB/s (read) and 5300 MB/s (write)
This is awesome.

kayoss58d ago

Why would upgrade to only a 1TB? wouldnt be more efficient in terms of cost and long term to upgrade to something like 2TB or even 4TB? Just curious.

Eonjay58d ago


With other brands perhaps but look at their pricing structures for different sizes. It's backwards to me even though overall the one and two TB models are cheaper than other brands. The jump in price by Dublin the capacity more than doubles the price charged.

MephiSkA55d ago

@kayoss And also, keep in mind that this is a 1TB increase, not a replacement, so the total storage size will be something like 1.8TB (maybe something like 1.3 - 1.4TB usable after PS5 software and drive size adjustment).

Neonridr54d ago

@kayoss - this additional drive works in tandem with the internal. So you'd get both.

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Bathyj58d ago

I don't think I'd be using the added drive to play games off anyway, just in case. I'd use it like I use my external drive, for storage but with much better transfer speed I'd expect. It's not like I'm playing 10 games at a time.

elazz58d ago

If even Ratchet and Clank doesn't see a difference then you should be fine playing games from a 7GB/s drive.

JEECE58d ago

I'm thinking about doing this as well. I wonder if it will recognize significantly slower drives. I'll be interested to see people test this out. Presumably you'd also still get better loading of PS4 games from a slower SSD than you would from an external drive.

StoneyYoshi58d ago

During the install process when you turn on the ps5 it formats it and runs a speed test showing wether or not it passes the requirement. Tom Warren has a video of this process on Youtube.

Wintersun61658d ago

It's the same for me, and should be for most sensible people. But I swear I remember some people saying they want at least 20+ games installed all the time, otherwise they could never play anything and would have to spend all their time deleting and downloading games. And lots of agrees on those comments. Some people just have a shorter attention span I guess. Most of the time I have 3-5 games installed at once.

Orbilator58d ago

It's true, unless your playing cod which was always a system greedy monster then I have 6 AAA titles installed and 5 Indie titles. I have the digital edition an a 1gb Internet so downloaded games is not an issue or relevant. To many people.moaning about space for no reason at all.

Profchaos58d ago

I'll probably be waiting another year or two before picking up a M2 for the ps5 purely because the specs should jump high enough to take advantage of better than internal drive performance by then.

elazz58d ago

They'll jump but it's kot gonna be that big of difference since the latest controllers are already saturating what pcie 4.0 is capabele of doing. They'll get cheaper since pcie 5.0 will release next year on pc.

Starman6958d ago

Price needs to come right down before I even think about it. It's cost me a small fortune already 🤣🤣

KillBill58d ago

Don't count on that any time soon. Prices are expected to rise this year and nothing currently is showing a change to that the next few years.

Aussiesummer58d ago

The new firecuda 530 looks to have great speeds, the best yet in fact and it's compatible with PS5 but I wonder if that is as good as internal.

StoneyYoshi58d ago

Internal reaches 5.5 Gb/s uncompressed while the fire cuda reaches 7.3 Gb/s uncompressed

jznrpg58d ago

The specs are better but I want to see real world numbers before I buy one .

58d ago
mkis00758d ago

Ya but those 7 gb/s numbers are not constant. Most drives will end up reading slower.

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