Atlus Jokes about Recent ESRB Leaks

Despite their best efforts, the Electronic Software Ratings Board still manages to leak a number of game announcements through their website -- three of which in the past couple of months being unannounced Atlus titles alone. Since November, Siliconera picked up on ratings listings for My World, My Way, The Dark Spire, and a U.S. release for Steal Princess. Now, in a surprising public example that a big corporation can have a sense of humor, Atlus has "announced" that they will make all their new game reveals through ESRB leaks (again, via Siliconera).
"Our experiment has been a rousing success," says Aram Jabbari, manager of PR and sales, in a faux press release worthy of The Onion. The press release continues:

"Allowing information about our upcoming titles to be silently posted on ESRB's website has been a triumph, and we've decided to abandon all direct, overt disclosures of our future games in favor of quietly allowing the posting of new titles onto Every other publisher puts their press releases out there in the same distribution channel, and sometimes the news gets overlooked. By sneaking all future game announcements onto the ESRB website for just a handful of passionate editors to find, we distance ourselves from industry conventions."
Atlus will start this groundbreaking game launch tactic in 2009, and hopes to continue the practice as long as it remains effective.

"We're sure we'll have everyone doing this at some point, following in our footsteps. And maybe at some point it will force us to change direction. But in the mean time, we really feel that indirectly leaking all future game announcements and hoping a few people stumble upon them and tell everyone they know is the best way to go at this juncture."

Just to make sure the highly gullible didn't take this seriously, the press release ends by declaring "This press release was a joke." If you ask us, though, we think Atlus is on to something here. Guerrilla marketing is all the rage these days, isn't it? Now if they can only figure out some way to cause a huge bomb scare using only a Steal Princess Light-Brite display, they'll be golden.

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Shnazzyone3600d ago

I'd Laugh more is altus produced any real quality games.. :/