STRAY | Gameplay Walkthrough

BlueTwelve Studio : "Game Producer Swann talks about the world of Stray, as well as what to expect with gameplay and characters you'll come across as a cat."

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iwin8658d ago

Stray looks very interesting.

metalgod8858d ago

Yeah, that's about all I have to say, really.

ABizzel158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I want to know why a game about a stray cat has better graphics, better traversal, and better platforming than many AAA games. Seeing it at the PS Event it was a pass for me, but seeing the gameplay here I'm actually interested.

phoenixwing58d ago

Someone up the food chain at the publisher or developer level really likes cats lol although this is looking to be different from the pack if nothing else

HeliosHex58d ago

This game looks very very interesting. Had no idea I might be into a game about a cat.
Looking forward to this one.

JustTheFax58d ago

I swear to god if they kill this cat in the game...