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The Ascent looks and acts like a video game, but mostly feels like work.

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TheDoomedGuy88d ago

"Tone is extremely, unnecessarily hostile and dour
Difficulty curve is deeply unbalanced
Numerous game-breaking bugs"

I can't help but think that those first 2 negatives are purely opinions.

Now I remember why I stopped visiting gamespot for my reviews.

Nakiro88d ago

People tend to forget that reviews ARE just an opinion.

TheDoomedGuy87d ago

But they are not just an opinion. They are meant to be professionally written and critiqued as unbiasedly as possible. Game critics should have experience in the media similar to how movie critics and food critics do as well.

This is why that guy not being able to easily get through the cuphead tutorial was so famous. Game critics should be good at games. They dont have to be pro's but gaming is like most things...the more you play the better you get. Not being able to do simple platforming in a video game is really telling.

As to why game reviews are not purely opinions or at least shouldnt be.
I dont like Mario Galaxy. But I would give it a 5/5. Explain that to me if reviews are just opinions.

Then you have the group of people that refuse to accept the possibility that something they didnt like was actually game of the year..or really really good. And also something that they really liked was actually a really bad game. Some refuse to accept that possibility because they think it somehow negates their intelligence or something.

People have specific tastes but that doesn take away from whether or not something is good or bad. I know so many people that dont touch seafood...but that doesnt mean seafood isnt good. Even if they are adamant that seafood is gross they would still be critically wrong. They simply dont have the taste for it. Like I dont have the taste for Mario Galaxy.

This is why when I see a review that gives a game a 9/10 and another that gives a 6/10 I know something fishy is going on. And then I read both to discover which reviewer is putting too much opinion in their score.

Nakiro87d ago

This is a ridiculous notion.

Might as well pull up an Excel sheet and compare stats, frame rate, resolution, etc. to determine the quality of the game.

TheDoomedGuy87d ago

Never mentioned, frame rate or resolutions in my comment so not sure how that relates at all to what I said.

JustTheFax88d ago

I'm still gonna give it a chance because I have been looking forward to this one. But that sucks about the reviews so far.

TheDoomedGuy87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

When you read reviews you have to look for the negatives against the review and then remove anything that could just be opinion and skillbased. Same for the positives of course.

If someone reviews a game and a negative is that its too hard for them...that is kind of irrelevant to the score. Unless it somehow wasnt intentional difficulty or the difficulty was cause by technical bugs and such.

JustTheFax86d ago

So far it seems closer to an 8, but I have only played for a few hours. I am waiting for the patch to add DLSS to the windows store version.