The Ascent review: "Beautiful-looking but overburdened by ambition" - GamesRadar

The Ascent is at its best when you're standing still. When you're peering off the edge of the world, out at the neon-tinged arcology that encompasses the chaos unfurling around you. Sometimes, the camera will reel in from the sky towards some distant detail – plumes of smoke twisting in the wind, gears turning beneath some towering structure – and in closer to your character, who'll be wearing an uncoordinated ensemble of whatever high-stat crap you've been able to scavenge from corpses.

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Kaii61d ago

*Difficulty spikes
Note to devs, before handing out review copies make sure reviewers have access to easymode difficulty. lol

Scissorman8260d ago

what point are they making with a 5/10 other than to say 1) it has technical issues and 2) they didn't like it?

Anomander60d ago

This could be the review for every Souls like game..
I can't wait to get home and try it!