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There’s already something awe-inspiring about looking out over the lightly curved horizon from up high, and its now equally impressive to look at the very same thing in a virtual space and have it look (and even feel) as impressive as in real life.

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iplay1up2675d ago

I am very happy with Flight Simulator on Series X. It is definitely a current gen showcase. It exceeded my expectations.

Ognipode675d ago

I spoke to someone who said they were very frustrated with the interface, and while I can appreciate that, it’s also worth remembering that it is an actual simulator so the keyboard, mouse and peripherals really is the way to go, but for someone like me just wanting to mess around in it, the controller will be fine

iplay1up2675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

Whoever you spoke with, should know ALL Xbox Consoles support both Keyboard, mouse as well as Flight sticks. I think the person you spoke with is full of it. If they own an Xbox Series console, they would certainly know all Xbox consoles support all of those.

Also there is no issue for me using the Series X gamepad. I am going to get a flight stick eventually though.

whitbyfox674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

Make sure you go to the in-game marketplace and download all of the free world updates for an even better experience.