World War Z Aftermath Gameplay Trailer Gives an Overview of What’s New

Saber has released the Wrold War Z Aftermath gameplay trailer that gives us an overview of the new stuff coming this fall.

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NicSage89d ago

I think this will be overshadowed by Dying Light 2

P_Bomb88d ago

Could be, but I’ll be doing both. One solo one for the do-op. Doowop, lol? CO-OP! Oops :p

Darkborn88d ago

That or back 4 blood will destroy it possibly.

Fntastic88d ago

Aren't they the same people who made dead island? those games sucked ass, back 4 blood is the only contender.. And S&box, i got a feeling back 4 blood is gonna bomb tho, no pvp campaign mode and content locked behind paywalls.

VTKC88d ago

And a very high paywall. 89.99 for everything. Lol F this. You could buy many games with 89.99 that are good to play! I remember star wars battlefront was asking 124.99 for everything. EA and suck it.

KyRo88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Dead Island didn't suck ass. It was average but paved the way for what Dying Light became. If you haven't played it but judged it Purely because of what their previous game was, on a older console, you missed out on one of the best zombie games about.

Also... S&box?! That game will not impact sales of any of the games mentioned above lol

REDGUM88d ago

You've compared two completely different games as Dying Light 2 doesn't even have guns in it and is mainly a melee & evading/climbing action game.

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