Ori: The Collection Announced Bringing Both Two Titles Into One Bundle

Both awesome titles into one cartridge for an epic adventure.

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JayRyu51d ago

These games is AMAZING!
If you're into metriod like games the Ori series games are must a own

princejb13451d ago

Agree these games are amazing

jznrpg51d ago

Ori is more of a platformer than Metroid ever was . I am currently playing Ender Lilies and that’s more of a Metroidvania type game . Sure Ori has elements of Metroid but it’s more of a puzzle/platformer .

51d ago
Father__Merrin51d ago

Ori 1 the graphics are incredible

Bathyj51d ago

The only games I really wish I had an Xbox for. Gorgeous.

Venox200850d ago

Well, you can play them on Switch and PC too :)

Ristul50d ago

I have both games on switch, they are great and you can always get them on steam if you dont have xbx or switch.

CaptainHenry91651d ago

You can play both of these games on gamepass

Viking_mo51d ago

Naah I'd rather support the devs

CaptainHenry91650d ago

So the switch is getting the collection too?

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