New PS5 Beta Firmware Adds a Host of New Improvements, Available in Certain Regions

Sony’s new beta firmware is already available in various regions. Launching with a host of new features as well as a fair amount of Quality of Life improvements. As of now, this beta firmware is available to select users in regions including the US, Japan, Canada France, and Germany.

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Darkborn57d ago

Sounds really good. Nice additions and I hope they keep them coming.

aragon56d ago

Has anyone tested the tv audio? That’s actually cool

preciousdeath57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Dang, no VRR or 1440p toggle.

darthv7257d ago

Not this time but its coming.

ActualWhiteMan57d ago

We dont know for sure.... it would be smart but I dont want to get my hopes up.

dumahim57d ago

Still waiting for Sony to enable VRR from last years TV too.

CaptainHenry91657d ago

If it's already over a year I don't think that's going to happen. I'll be surprised if it does happen

dumahim56d ago


It was an advertised feature they said would be added via a firmware update, so if they don't do it they're risking a class action lawsuit.

Neonridr56d ago

isn't VRR just enabled or not? Does it matter if your TV is from this year or last? Sorry, just not following here.

dumahim56d ago


The TV has to support it as well. For the Sony x900h they said 120 Hz and VRR would be added later via a firmware update. They added 120 Hz, but not VRR yet. Looks like it has been just over a year now and they haven't added it yet.

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Dmagic56d ago

i cant stress how much better some games look on my 1440p monitor from my xbox compared to my ps5 its really annoying we have to beg for something as simple as 1440p i thought a few months but we are coming up on a year this is ridiculous sony.

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Majin-vegeta57d ago

Can I has ability to do custom Platinum acreenshots?:(

Applejack57d ago

He’s referring to the PS5 being able to take screenshots when you earn trophies.

dumahim56d ago

I'd be happy with just them removing that horrible black part that covers up a large part of the screenshot.

Deathdeliverer57d ago

Man. Just going to wait and see who else has some drives out and I’m going with 1TB or better.


I really don’t mind using an external to migrate ps5 game files. It takes 5 minutes to install a game on the SSD once a copy is made on the external.

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The story is too old to be commented.