Midway Announces TNA Impact 2

Midway has really been hit by some hard times during this downward summit of the economy, it's about $240 million in debt. And it's changing ownership giving the publisher's debtors a chance to call in their loans. But if the publisher can endure this beating, it may find a "hot tag" waiting for it on the other side.

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killyourfm3601d ago

That didn't take long...Good for them, hopefully they can climb out of their debt.

bgrundman3601d ago

I love wrestling games...they are just so much fun to play.

green-cigarettes 3601d ago

but unfortunately, TNA Impact the videogame wasnt what i thought, SVR09 is THE wrestling game now.
Hopefully midway gets the game right cuz i love their games (well some)

Bishop3601d ago

or svr09, waiting for wrestlemania